Remove or nerf the fall rate of maplestory2

So my suggestion is, remove or nerf the fall rate of maplestory2 boss and elites in regular maps, but keep it and boost drop rate in maps with pre-quests (like mushroom land, kritias) and pt quests to make the system actually benefit to actual players, and promote them to play game content not grind unlimited at a map.

Can we get a revanp for your own maplestory2 profession ?

I believe it's really cool we could learn both herbalism and mining about precisely the same character. Wonderful work.I want to indicate some updates I believe are required from spending quite a great deal of time working on leveling up my professions here are a few ideas from my experiences so far.

Transform potions/recipes. Any possibility of getting more critters additional? I actually love making them and I do sell them at my store fairly affordable for others to enjoy. But I noticed some monsters that I can make, do not currently exist in the game (such as Zombie Lupins and Invurate (spelling?)) .

I personally would love to see more Boss"Special" ones inserted in like Pink Bean and a wider variety of creatures. Plus it is more fun to search monsters around my degree to find the drops needed to make the potions.

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