Vroom Maplestory 2 Vroom Pink Bean Mount

Here are some of the other possible rewards:

Souls: Pink Bean, Lotus, Bad Brawler, Black Slime, Ursus, Von Leon, Arkarium, Damien, Lucid

Bling Bling Heart Mount and Vroom MapleStory 2 Mesos Vroom Pink Bean Mount: 90-day and permanent durations available

White Clamshell Chair

Android Hearts: Titanium, Lidium, Crystal, Gold

Android Coupons: Princessoid, Summeroid (M/F), Schooldroid (M/F)

20 Slot Bags: Mineral, Herb, Title, Chair, Soul, Production, Recipe
Star Force 12 Star 100% Enhancement: Lv. 150 and Lv. 160 available

Lv. 130 Wings weapons

Face Accessories: Ice Crystal Face Paint, Maple Leaf, Tree Branch Nose, Red Meister Symbol (all jobs), Shiny Red Meister Symbol (all jobs), Blood Mask

Potential Scrolls: Special Potential Scroll, Advanced Potential Scroll, Epic Potential Scroll 50%

Chaos Scrolls: Miraculous Chaos Scroll 70%/60%/50%/40%/30%, Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%/30%/20%, Chaos Scroll 70%/60%

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