Nexon’s Darkness Rises RPG hits millions of downloads in 6 weeks

Dean Takahashi@deantak August 2, 2018 6:00 AM

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Nexon‘s third-person action role-playing game Darkness Rises may be downloaded more than tens of millions of times on cellular devices since its June 20 debut.

Nexon is making its bid to generate hardcore role-playing games on mobile devices that happen to be becoming powerful enough to produce outstanding graphics. That plays well in markets for example South Korea and Japan, though the launch of Darkness Rises bodes well for the strategy from the rest on the world.

The dark fantasy universe will be the latest to boast “console-quality, high-definition visuals” with a mobile device, together with “fast and fluid combat to Buy MS 2 Mesos fight monstrous creatures and viscous bosses.”

“The success of Darkness Rises is really a testament to the experience’s high fidelity graphics and high-impact combat setting a different bar for console quality gaming experiences on mobile,” said Lawrence Koh, general manager at Nexon M, in the statement. “Darkness Rises gives players the alternative to enjoy whatever they like finest in games, whether it’s embarking around the single player storyline, engaged in PvP or teaming program friends in Raids. We’re excited to go on to expand the gameplay experience to challenge players in new methods of years to come through new story quests, features and modes, characters, epic bosses, in-game events and even more.”

Yesterday, Nexon said its MapleStory M side-scrolling adventure game had a lot more than 3 million downloads within a week. Nexon said hello will offer a few in-game events in Darkness Rises, starting today to August 8.

In addition, a whole new in-game update can be acquired now all of which will give players the chance to team up in a very Raid battle to consider Gigantes, a hulking iron giant plus the next boss to arrive to the abyss of Darkness Rises.

The update also brings some enhancements to gear customization, the Grimoire system and new alternatives for in-game events. A group of new teams of gear such as Three Kingdoms Armor and Summer Rash Guard can also be found to collect, equip and upgrade.

The game’s cooperative dungeons give around four players an opportunity to team up in real-time to fight challenges together as well as the Player vs Player (PVP) mode gives players an opportunity to test their might against their friends among others.

Darkness Rises can be acquired as a free download around the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad as well as on Google Play for Android devices. MMOAH offers cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos, full in stock for all servers, deliver ASAP. MMOAH has attracted plenty of players since they have been doing service for many years, and they have been the very professional supplier as products third party.

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