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Eva and Jason split up in February 2015 when he suspected she was having an affair with his father Tony Stewart, when in reality she was looking for a house for she and Jason to live in with Tony's help. She left Weatherfield to join her grandmother Gloria in France. In June, Jason discovered that his own brother Todd manipulated the affair in a revenge act against his family. That same month Leanne and Simon went to visit Eva and Gloria. When she returned she revealed to Jason that Eva had found someone else and was engaged. However she returned in September after discovering that her fiancé was cheating on her and moved back in with Leanne. Later on that day, Eva took out her frustrations on Todd in the Rovers by throwing a drink over him - being the cause of her split with Jason. Upon Newport 100 Carton coming back to Weatherfield, Eva had been hoping to get her old job Carton Of Newports Price as Underworld receptionist back, only to find she'd been replaced by Alya Nazir, who was "more industrious" than her. A fuming Eva ultimately settled to becoming a machinist in the factory.

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