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Early in 2016, Eva became attracted to new Underworld boss Aidan Connor and they began to form a relationship. Around the same time, Eva also started a friendship with the local vicar Billy Mayhew, and together with him and Aidan, Eva helped uncover a huge secret held by Underworld clients Richie and Julia O'Driscoll - their secret being that they were employing Marta Zarek as a modern-day slave to keep house for them. The operation almost resulted in Eva, Aidan and Billy being prosecuted, but the O'Driscolls were eventually caught out and imprisoned, with Marta eventually being able to return to her native Poland, but not before thanking Eva, Aidan and Billy for all their help.

In July, Eva was devastated when Kylie was stabbed to death by Clayton Hibbs, a thug who she once knew. Kylie's old acquaintance Gemma Winter blamed herself for what happened, as Kylie was rushing to help her. However, Eva noticed that Gemma had made an effort Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping to distinguish herself from her grimy roots, and told her that Kylie would be proud of her and would never have blamed her for what happened.

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