Screening urged for men at risk of aneurysm

You probably know one: a man 65 to 75 years old who has smoked a minimum of 100 cigarettes during his lifetime.

Or maybe that describes you. In any case, that population of older men with a modest lifetime consumption of tobacco products -- roughly 5 packs of cigarettes, in total -- appears to be more at risk than most people for a condition called an abdominal aortic aneurysm Discount Cigarette Cartons, according to a Western New York association of some 900 local doctors, the Catholic Independent Practice Association of Western New York, or CIPA.

Because risk factors for the condition -- including gender, age and smoking habits -- are known, the local doctors' group is now promoting widespread screening for the aneurysms, which can lurk in the body in a symptom-free way and, in worst cases, get so big that they rupture.

"When it ruptures, it's a life-threatening event," said Dr. Michael Edbauer, vice president of medical affairs for the medical association Cigarettes Shop Online Usa, which is headquartered on Delaware Avenue in the city.

"We feel this is an important thing Menthol Cigarettes Best, to raise the awareness of physicians about this condition as well -- especially as the [Western New York] population ages."

An aneurysm of this type, CIPA doctors said, is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by pressure inside the vessel.

Aneurysms can be small and relatively harmless -- they often go undetected until other tests and medical procedures bring them into view -- or they can be large, and cause pain and pressure. The larger ones can rupture, which can be a serious problem.

The abdominal aortic vessel is one of the body's main blood vessels, which comes off the heart, passes through the chest and then travels

through the abdomen, said Edbauer, who has been with the association for five years.

"This is a very large vessel, very important in getting circulation throughout your body," he said. "What happens is, over time the walls of the aorta can weaken or thin. It's becoming pushed outward by pressure -- it begins to balloon out."

According to Dr. Paul Anain, a Buffalo-based vascular surgeon and member of the doctors association, this ballooning of the abdominal aortic vessel can be something that a person never notices.

But, he said, it's pretty common in people -- especially older people, and men. Smokers, or former smokers, are at particular risk, Anain said.

"The myth among people is that smoking only hurts the lungs. Smoking hurts the whole body," said Anain, adding that among older men with tobacco use as a risk factor, the occurrence of aneurysms is about 1 in 10.

Routine screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms can be done in a lab that has ultrasound equipment to detect the bulges Smoke Online Store, the CIPA doctors said.

Typical treatment, if an aneurysm is found, Anain said, often can include monitoring of the size and status of smaller aneurysms by regular ultrasounds, to make sure they don't get too big.

Larger ones, he said, are often treated by a surgical procedure -- which nowadays is often non-invasive.

"Ten years ago, this was a very major operation," Anain said. "A lot of people weren't candidates for that type of major surgery. Now it's a very small incision -- we don't even make an incision, a lot of times. It's a very non-invasive procedure."

Concerns about the abdominal aortic condition and the screening procedure can be raised with your primary-care physician Newport Cigarettes Online, advised Edbauer at the CIPA, which takes as one of its goals the improvement in patient outcomes and patients' involvement and decision-making in their own health care.

"One of our main functions is to improve quality of care for our patients," Edbauer said. "We really felt that we were underdiagnosing aortic aneurysms. We put this program into place to really educate our primary care doctors about this type of screening."
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