The Benefits of the New 2nd Generation Electric Cigarettes

The first generation of e cigarettes used 3 components: the vaporizer, the nicotine cartridge and the battery. Now the 2nd generation e cig has arrived - streamlined to 2 component parts: the 'cartomiser' and the battery Cigarettes Wholesale Online. When a user inhales on the Freshcig e cigarette device, airflow is detected by a sensor which then activates a heating element and vaporises a nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece. The e cig then releases simulated "smoke" in the form of this nicotine infused water vapour. The battery is rechargeable, while the 'cartomiser' - which houses the nicotine cartridge and the atomizer rolled into one - is disposable. These 2nd generation e cigarettes are available now at Freshcig.

With only 1 disposable piece the cost of using an e cig is further reduced, making 2nd generation e cigs even more cost effective - switching to a 2nd Generation e cig from tobacco burning cigarettes could save you 75% on your smoking habit Buy Discount Cigarettes. Freshcig have developed their electric cigarettes to meet the strictest quality standards and controls. An e cigarette from Freshcig can last up to 400 puffs (equivalent to 40 traditional cigarettes) which is said to be twice as much as other competitive e cigarette brands on the market Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes.

At Freshcig not only are the e cigarettes the improved 2nd generation products, but also because Freshcig's e cigs look and feel like regular cigarettes, and financially making the switch with Freshcig could save you a huge 75%. Switching to an e cig gives a very satisfying sensation of smoking Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, but without burning tobacco - which means it can be smoked in public places and other places where traditional smoking is not allowed. You can easily pick popular flavours Super Cheap Cigarette, including menthol and traditional brands, in different nicotine strengths to suit your need. E cigs are here to stay, and the 2nd generation provide a more modern and cost effective method of cigarette smoking.
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