How the urge to smoke can just vanish

Smokers with injuries in a specific part of their brains kick their habits instantly -- without the intense cravings that can make it so hard to quit, a new study reports today.

The researchers from USC and the University of Iowa Marlboro Lights 100S linked a brain area called the insula to the powerful urges that cause people to continue smoking.

Smokers with damaged insulas were 136 times more likely to have their addictions erased than smokers with Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes damage in other parts of their brains, researchers said.

One man who smoked an average of 40 cigarettes a day before a stroke damaged his insula was surprised Newport Carton to Carton Cigarettes suddenly lose all cravings for tobacco. Rose, who was not involved in the research, said people with conditions such as attention-deficit disorder have high rates of smoking, suggesting different Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes regions of the brain might also be important in such people.

Of the 45 million Americans who smoke, 400,000 die annually of illnesses related to smoking. Rose said no more than 5% of smokers are able to permanently quit on their own.

Most smoking research has focused on the cortex, the brain region involved in reasoning and decision making. Nicotine in tobacco prompts the release of brain chemicals in the cortex that generate pleasurable Cheap Newport Cigarettes feelings. Smoking addiction has been largely understood Cigarettes For Sale Online as a drive to feel pleasure, said Caltech neurobiologist Henry Lester.

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