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Brandon Marshall made it clear in March that "one way or another, they’re going to get the deal done,” and the Chicago Bears made good on the receiver’s optimism Monday by signing him to a three-year extension that brings his total compensation up to $40 million over the next four years with $23 million guaranteed.

No doubt about it, Chicago made the smart play by signing Marshall, who hasn't shown any level of drop-off in terms of production on the field, yet appears to have grown by leaps and bounds off it.

On the field, Marshall comes off a 2013 season in which he gained more than 1 New York Mets Alternate Jerseys ,000 yards receiving for the seventh consecutive year while producing his fifth 100-catch campaign. Despite coming off arthroscopic hip surgery going into the 2013 season, Marshall still outmuscled the opposition for 1,295 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns.

Marshall is the only player in the NFL to put together 1,000-yard receiving seasons in each of the past seven years, and the only player in the league with 80 receptions in each of the past seven years. Marshall is tied for the NFL record with five 100-catch seasons (2007-09 and 2012-13), and is the first player in NFL history with 100-catch seasons with two teams (Denver and Chicago).

What’s scary for defenses headed into 2014 is Marshall isn’t in rehabilitation mode this offseason. He’s in Florida training to improve strength, speed and stamina. What’s more, he's hosting several teammates for these brutal grind sessions. That's where the off-the-field component of this extension could prove most beneficial for the Bears.

He's emotional. And he has shown bouts of immaturity in the past.

But now, Marshall knows how to control his .

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