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When I help people find new running shoes, I like to Nike Air Max 360 2011 Mens Trainers uk offer up this phrase as a guiding philosophy: ¡°Form follows function.¡± In other words, how the shoe looks should always be secondary to how it feels. Unlike shoes worn by Michael Jordan or LeBron James or Stephen Curry, running shoes are usually not bought to garner comments of praise, though the designs continue to get better and more colorful. They are purchased to be beaten down on the roads and trashed on the trails. And then the process repeats again and again. Form follows function.

If you like a trail shoe with a low volume yet wide forefoot, lugs that can handle both road and trail miles, and a heel that is forgiving with a bit of bounce, the Wildhorse would be a great choice. I just signed up for a 10 mile trail race in May and the Wildhorse is likely the shoe I will wear on race day ¨C it has served me very well this winter and I expect that it will handle bare trails as well as, if not better than the snow and ice I have been subjecting it to.

From time to time I get emails from readers with various types of running injuries. Given that I am not a medical doctor, I generally don¡¯t feel comfortable doing much mor Nike Air Max 2013 Kids uk sale e than discussing the anatomy and sharing some houghts, and usually my advice is to seek professional help if an injury is of major concern to a runner (in other words, I know and respect my limits!).

I¡¯m curious about the cause of my Haglund¡¯s ¨C given the size of the spur, I¡¯d guess that it had to have developed prior to me making the minimalist/barefoot transition. When I went for the consult with the foot and ankle specialist he said that a typical cause is repeated rubbing of a stiff heel counter against the heel bone. However, none of the shoes I wear seem to irritate the heel. I¡¯m an engineer so it¡¯s pretty casual wear at work and I always wear running shoes. I almost never wear dress shoes. If anything, the raised heel of my running shoes provides relief by taking some stress off the AT, and probably by changing the angle of the AT relative to the Haglund¡¯s structure. For now I¡¯m going to go back to running in traditional running shoes to see if that will keep me out of surgery, and not lead to a recurrence of my past hip issues. If that successfully rehabs my bursitis then I¡¯ll return to using barefoot running as a tool and run only once or twice a week and not on my long runs. Maybe over time that spur will remodel and allow a more gradual transition to exclusively minimal footwear.

Overall, I¡¯d go so far as to say that the Free 5.0 is the most comfortable shoe I have worn this year. I¡¯m having a hard time keeping them off my feet! Sole The sole of the 5.0 has the characteristic siping grooves that are featured on all Nike Free shoes. The sipes make for an extremely flexible sole that bends and rolls with ease. Your foot will basically do what it wants in this shoe, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing. I love a minimally controlling shoe so they work very well for me, but they can also exaggerate foot movemen Nike Air Max 2014 Kids uk sale t in some cases. For example, I filmed my wife running in an older version of the Frees and the sole flexibility tended to exaggerate her pronation on one side (she has a bunion on one side and tends to cave some shoes during late-stage pronation).

The remainder of the upper is soft and flexible, and the interior is super comfortable and suitable for sockless wear. The laces are slightly offset to the side, and loop through flywire bands that help to lock the middle of the foot down. The mesh ove Nike Air Max LTD uk online r the forefoot has a bit of give/stretch ¨C very nice.

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