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So you are an Outdoor Enthusiast and you want to be prepared. In order to be ready Geoff Cameron USA Jersey , you must be a "Master of Disaster" which ans you are ready for just about anything. Rembering to pk all the right survival gear is easy enough becuase as an expert explorer you have a great survival checklist on hand at all tis. Still no checklist is failsafe. Here is an example of what I an. Survival foods are not the most essential thing in most ort-term ergency situations in the wild. One can survive for weeks without eating if you have to. In the ort-term, it's usually more pressing to find elter, fre water, a ple to stay dry and uninjured. But, just knowing you have the wherewithal to find food and having it in your stomh, can bolster your confidence, which CAN be critical to your survival. So what do you need to know about survival foods? First forget the idea that you need to learn every last edible wild plant. Lots of us love learning about new edible plants Fabian Johnson USA Jersey , however not many of them provide enough calories to be worth the effort in a long-term survival situation. Learn about a few basic species of animals you can eat, and so of the most abundant and energy-rich plants in the region you are in. The following lists are examples of natural sources of food for the US and Canada Region. It is rended that one read up on the animals and plant indigenous to the geographic location being explored. I also rend keeping notes and pictures in a notbook you can pk with other survval gear. Survival Foods - The Animals Mammals in North Arica can all be eaten (except for entrails and organs, especially the livers of various arctic mammals). Since many animals carry parasites, it is important to wa your hands after handling them, and cook the at if possible. North Arican birds are all edible, and the eggs are as well. People have even eaten seagull eggs cooked on a hot rock, and report they tasted fine. Fre water fi in North Arica are all safe to eat. Catching the fi is the difficult part DeAndre Yedlin USA Jersey , but they can be quickly and easily prepared over a fire. snakes and frogs are usually safe to eat - if you remove the skin. Those who have cooked snake in a stew and over a fire, frequently rend the latter. Survival Foods - The Plants Cattail is one of the most abundant and energy-rich foods in the North Arican Region. The white part of the stalk at the bottom, and the new oots, can be eaten raw or cooked. Pollen from the flower spike can be aken into a bag and used in soups. Flower spikes can be prepared like corn-on-the-cob when green. Roots can be maed in water to release the starch, which can be added to soups. Cattails grow in swamps or wet soil, and you really ould get to know this plant. The inner bark of pine trees is edible. It's a good survival food to keep in mind, because it is available year-round. That white spongy layer beeen the external bark and the wood is what you want. Although it is mostly fiber DaMarcus Beasley USA Jersey , it holds enough carbohydrates to be worth boiling into a soup if your choices are limited. Ready to eat berries can be a delicious and satisfying survival food in the right season. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, and blkberries all have their wild forms. If it looks like the dostic one (usually smaller) and slls and tastes like it, it's safe to eat. Of course it's fun to know which murooms you can eat, or which flowers are safe to eat Clint Dempsey USA Jersey , but both have almost no calories. To learn what you need to survive, concentrate first on the mon animals and the most abundant and nutrient-rich edible plants. These are the survival foods that will most likely save your life.One of the most interesting and amazing fts about ultra modern day industrial equipnts is that almost all the traditional thods that involve a lot of ti, turmoil and effort has tually evolved in the hands of the technological revolution to be get in lined with the rapid changing industrial trends. Industrial dry oven, which are being used in plethora of industrial applications are being heated in the chambers which are usually used for drying, curing, or baking ponents and used in the final phase of a product. Now it has bee possible in order to see industrial drying ovens being used for nurous applications such as- chemical processing, food production and even in the electronics industry where the circuit boards run with the help of a conveyor oven in order to atth the surfe mount ponents.Best thing is that it can be used for large or small volu applications Claudio Reyna USA Jersey , in batches or continuously with the help of a conveyor line along with a variety of temperature ranges from sizes to configurations. Another important use of electric kiln is in the manufturing of aircraft ponents which require high heated conditions where the fully automated control systems tually hold the air temperature within 2F. Thus, we can say that in the latest industrial ovens, it is now possible in order to control or preset the various temperature levels as per the requirent of the experint in order to satisfy the specification of manufturing the certain ponents or the products. Mainly there are o types of dryers which are being found among chemical manufturing industries such as-continuous dryers and batch dryers. Chemical manuftures which are also being used in the industrial purpose for plenty of purposes such as-curing of rubber and plastics, manufture of chlorine gas and many more. Used furne kiln are specially being designed in order to remove the excess amount of moisture that is being present in the product or for so special ponents that are used in the experints. The main working principle of an industrial oven is that it has a pre determined volu of hot air which is continually conveyed ouards with the exhaust fan and gets repled with fre air and finally preventing the formation of various potentially explosive pounds. It is safe and environnt friendly too and it also helps in cutting down the additional overheads that get involved during the manufturi.

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