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The first time I met Brian Smith was at a ugg clearance sale university where he was giving a talk on leadership. Afterwards, people waited in line to meet the man. I hung back until the end so I could inquire about his book. While listening to his conversations with the students, it was easy to see that he was just as excited as they were. As the line dwindled down, I finally got a chance to talk with Brian. When I asked what inspired him he pulled from his pocket a scrap of paper that he gingerly unfolded, and handed it over to me to read. It was a note from a woman thanking him for his encouraging message. Overwhelmed and disenchanted, she had been on the verge of giving up on her business. Hearing Brian's message helped her find an inner strength that gave her the courage to continue down the path to her dreams. He said, "See, this is why I do this." True to the form, my short conversation with Brian left a lasting impression. This man is a walking talking brand, and like any good product he provides an experience that you will not soon forget.

Meanwhile, Ugg's plan to diversify its offerings seems to be working. Ugg is now selling more items that aren't dependent on cold weather. It launched a home goods line in October, offering a ugg boots clearance usa n assortment of sheepskin area rugs, knit pillows and floor poufs. There's also Ugg's loungewear line, a casual clothing label. On the call, Martinez said that Ugg's home and loungewear businesses are still "small but burgeoning" and early results have been "very strong." Ugg will be pushing both lines hard through the holidays.In an attempt to tell customers Ugg sells more than just shearling boots, the brand launched an advertising campaign in August with the tagline "THIS IS UGG," featuring sketch artist Langley Fox Hemingway and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In the early 2000s, the Ugg rush spawned a torrent of copycat brands as well as a massive black market for counterfeit boots bearing the trademark. Still, UGG Australia, which began in California in 1978 as Ugg Imports, has managed to dominate the market and become a billion-dollar brand for its parent company, Deckers.

One of Brian's most effective tools in building his brand was his shear likability. He became a fixture in the surf shops along California's coastline. Brian was known for his interpersonal sales techniques. He believed in making every effort to have consistent face-to-face interactions with the retailers who sold his product. For more than a decade, Brian made his trips to each specialty shop that shelved the UGG brand. He became known as "the UGG guy" and to this day he wears that title with pride. It was amazing, but not surprising, to hear how willing Brian was, at every turn, to be in the sales trenches throughout the development of his business. There was never a time that Brian felt he was too important for the mundane day-to-day tasks. He was a hands-on father and a hands-on businessman. Brian rolled up his sleeves and got to work regardless of the annual sales numbers.

Reflecting on the rise of Ugg boots in the mid-2000s, Rishwain said she loved all the press and PR when celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were spotted with the classic sheepskin boot on their feet. But it's not 2003 anymore. A decade after Ugg boots became popular, few besides teenagers in Santa Barbara wear them like that, said Rishwain."We were really wel ugg outlet l known for that and it was photographed a lot," said Rishwain. "Ugg has really evolved over the years to be so much more than the boot."

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, a clinical psychologist who analyzes dress behavior, said that through many Ugg-wearers are influenced by their favorite celebrities, others have different reasons for strutting around in the boots: to keep warm, to perform certain tasks, or for the design itself. Whatever the customer's reason for putting them on, the clothes serve as a dispatch to the outside world."People read what we wea Ugg Boots Outlet r like a billboard," she said. "There's a message in clothing."

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