The process of buying boiler juice can be confusing

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Boiler juice, otherwise known as kerosene, domestic heating oil or 28 second oil, is what many rural households and farms in the UK use to heat their homes. This heating oil has become somewhat of a hot commodity recently due to the rise in prices and homeowners are looking for ways that they can cut their fuel expenses. The process of buying boiler juice can be confusing and working out how to get the best price isnt always easy.

One of the factors which influences the price of boiler juice is the time of year in which you purchase it in. Part of this has to do with the demand. Over 1.5 million homes throughout the United Kingdom rely on this type of heating oil to keep them warm during the winter, so there is a large demand for boiler juice at certain points of the year. Buying your heating oil at the same time as everyone else means that there will be a higher demand and that deliveries will take longer. However, if you prepare for the winter earlier you will avoid the rush and the price of your boiler juice will usually be cheaper.

Stock Up in the Summer Months

When you are sitting in the sun having a barbeque in July, the last thing on your mind will be domestic heating oil. However, the summer months can be the most advantageous time to stock up on boiler juice. This is because the demand for domestic heating oil drops during the summer months which will cause the prices to fall.

The best thing to do is to stock up on heating oil while the weather is warm and the prices are relatively low. Of course, heating oil prices will fluctuate throughout the year but the general trend is that after May they will tend to dip during the summer.

Automatic Deliveries Not Necessarily the Best Option

Setting up a direct debit through your bank account and committing to a timed delivery with a particular supplier every year might not be the best idea. You will not be able to choose exactly when you want to stock up on oil, so you will not be able to take advantage .

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