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The last quarter of the year, various developers often focus when submitted. Shou Fang and examination room must not be careless, feeling alone is not enough. Winter by the House of facades heat from up to 20% of the total, to buy into the real "warmth" of the house, have to examine carefully composite vs treated wood balcony deck the wall. Look benzene wall insulation thickness has been to the mountain house Rate is lower than any other position, and does not sell, the reason is that the winter insulation problem, although in recent years benzene board insulation technology has been applied in a wide range, but Most people are still not assured, try not to buy the mountain of the house.

Wang had just bought a house, told reporters that, in fact, not only the mountain of the house, other real estate holding position is also difficult to estimate, the security of the benzene board also does not necessarily have a cold, but also the external insulation of benzene board more thick, whether wall planter from walter eligibility criteria. Insiders told reporters, according to the standard of the Northeast region, benzene plate thickness is generally used in wall insulation is required between 8 to 10 cm, Shenyang buildings are mostly 8 centimeters, to the colder Changchun reached 10 centimeters, and Harbin also thicker, which are rigid standards. Heat loss see "cold bridge" binding so-called "cold bridge" refers to some of the windows, doorways, ring beams, columns and other house balcony square connected with the outside world, these parts because there is no protection wall and external wall insulation system, directly to the impact of cold air, a lot of loss of the indoor temperature.

When watching, pay particular attention to windows, doors and walls of the tightness of binding sites, if possible, but also whether those additional places within the insulation. Experts, under normal circumstances, even if the "cold bridge" binding site closely, it is difficult to ensure less heat loss, more advanced approach is an additional insulation layer within easy heat dissipation in these parts, more reassuring approach is insulation mortar poured in conjunction gap. If you encounter showings process using such practices, only this one can determine better insulation properties of the house. Make sure the temperature to see energy-saving materials Seen benzene board, checked the doors and windows, we need to payexterior timber posts for balcony attention to the "extra" advanced accessories, and that is very popular in recent high-tech energy-saving materials. There are a variety of energy-saving and environmental protection materials, the more widespread use in insulation aspect but also the number "three glass" that is, three-layer vacuum glass. Here the "three glass" is not put into a three-layer so simple, but not the thickness of the thicker than ordinary glass, process more complex, between the glass and the glass is completely vacuum effect to its thermal insulation than ordinary single-layer, two layers of glass is several times better. Of course, if it is to buy second-hand housing which requires us to be more careful. To pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the house walls had been "long-haired" sign, in order to infer how the whole building insulation effect.

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