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 Nike Air Max 1 France Pas Cher Blaise Dubois must be devastated ;).It would be interesting you to make a test like 10 miles in your Pegasus compared to another 10 miles in one of your preferred light model of 2012- 2013 and give your impression.

NB 1400 is under 7oz, lighter than the Kinvara which has been my go-to shoe for several years. adios Boost is only about a half ounce heavier than the Kinvara. Newton Energy has about an ounce on the Kinvara, but is only 2-3mm drop. All pretty much variations about my preferred specs. The NB and adios are a bit higher drop, but soft heel so barely notice it, and the higher drop is something I have indeed evolved to being more tolerant of, though certain high drop shoes are still no go for me.

Nike Air Max 90 Femmes France Thanks for the write up. I like the Peg 29 (I have one more pair left) ¨C Peg 30 too narrow up front for me ¨C sounds like the 31 will be too narrow too. Too bad, sounds like a good shoe. I guess I better buy some more Go Run Ultras. If you ever do a review of cushioned neutral shoes with a roomy toe box, count me in as an avid reader. Your flexibility (no pun intended) in reviewing more standard type shoes is appreciated. My shoe ideology is fit/comfort (not minimal, maximal or whatever type comes out next.

A great review. I agree though, don¡¯t mess with what works. I have severe heal strike and some pronation and it took me ages to find a shoe that seems to keep me from being injured. The problem is they are always changing models from one year to the next.

Totally agree that two of the biggest shoe companies (Mizuno and Asics) are trying the hardest to not let the industry change. I even heard an Asics rep sa Nike Air Max 90 Hommes France y ¡°Asics does not believe in minimalism and that anything less than a 12mm heel to toe drop will not make any difference in someones gait.¡± Pretty bold statement!

What about when the plate impacts hard edged rocks repetitively? It just ain¡¯t going to take much abuse before it fails, and when it does it be catastrophic failure. Foam midsoles do break down through long term usage but that aren¡¯t about to be rendered unusable by a single unlucky footstrike. Nike Air Max 1 Femme Pas Cher When it does fail it¡¯s pretty likely you¡¯ll get injured.

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