Nike Free 5.0 Women's Lightweight

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 In a running world Nike Air Max 2015 Men's Leather where minimalism and encouragement of a midfoot/forefoot strike seems to be the big trend, Mizuno seems to have created the ultimate heel striking/overstriding running shoe. Don¡¯t get me wrong, if you are a heel striker and simply don¡¯t care about the stride debate, these might suit you just fine and the technology may actually be the best thing since sliced bread. However, for someone like me that feels that a shoe like this encourages overstriding, color me skeptical at best. Take a look at these stills captured from Nike Air Max 2015 Women's Cheap sale the Prophecy ad:

I saw that. Feels like a lower drop shoe to me, but couldn¡¯t measure it well myself due to the upper construction blocking my calipers. Would have had to slice it open :)

Awesome. Just now returning to running after tibial stress fracture. I won¡¯t say I¡¯ve ¡°given up¡± on minimalist shoes. But I will say that, from now on, I¡¯ll seek out more cushioned shoes, since all my running is on concrete and pavement. If I can get bac Nike Blazer Mens UK sale k to running normally in a few more weeks, without injury, I will probably try a pair of these.

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I have slight foot drop, are you describing more toe clearance with a higher drop. When my foot comes through I¡¯m looking for more distance between the toe and ground. Or would you think a zero drop would work better for running?

Earlier today, my friend Bill Katovsky sent me a link to a positive review of the Mizuno Prophecy on Ransacker , and the included video was interesting to say the least:

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