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 Pete, according to the specs at Nike Air Max 2015 en ligne Running Warehouse, the forefoot of the 3.0 has more cushioning than the 5.0 (17mm vs 15mm). That may be why you felt it has the most cushioning of the 3 models, although they have the 4.0 at 18mm for the forefoot.

I¡¯ve long been a fan of the Free 3.0 line. The original 3.0 remains one of my all-time favorite shoes, and I¡¯ve run in several of the subsequent iterations. However, I passed on the 2014 version of the Free 3.0, which was the first version to incorporate the Flyknit upper.

I am wondering how¡¯s the fit of the upper of this iteration compared to the very first generation of Flyknit Free (the one with 5.0 sole)? My D-2E, moderate mass feet Nike Air Max 90 pascher en ligne suffered numbness during my first and only two runs in them insofar I ended up holding them in my hand and carry on the runs literally barefooted.

After couple more runs in, 3.0¡¯s are the best shoes I have ever run in. I thought Go Bionics 2 are the best shoes out there, but Free 3.0 beats it. I got the size where basically there¡¯s not much of a toe room, and these shoes really feel like part of you. It¡¯s like what you would hope Vibrams to feel like but they obviously fall short with stiff toe pockets. I recommend running without the insoles and they haven¡¯t given me any blisters running sockless.

Hi there!Do you have any opinions on the Flyknit + model?I recently bought the 4.0 and I love them. But, the flyknit +looks like it has a thicker sole for more rugged terrain, almost like a hybrid of my once beloved free run 2 and the flyknit 4.0. I live in a rural area and can¡¯t try shoe ,Nike Free pascher en ligne s on before I order them, so I¡¯m torn between just getting another pair of the 4.0s or trying the flyknit+.Thanks for your input!

The 3.0 is also a great choice as part of a shoe rotation if you want something to force you foot to do a bit more work on occasional workouts. My only real concern with this shoe is the price tag ¨C $140 is pretty steep, and the slightly cheaper 4.0 offers a similar ride and a more traditional Flyknit upper. If you can affor Nike Air Max 2015 Femme vente d it though, the Free 3.0 Flyknit is worth a try!

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