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 www.paschermaxfree.fr I¡¯d actually disagree. My taste has stayed pretty similar over the past 4 years or so, if anything has changed it¡¯s been my willingness to try things that may not be in my wheelhouse so to speak. If I were to go through my top shoes each year since 2010 it would look something like this:

I have trained with recreational runners, college runners (who leave me in the dust), and even very serious ultramarathoners, and one thing holds true, their gait tends to be consistent independent of the particular shoe (that is if they are not consistently focused on forcing themselves to do something, as is often the case for people retraining as a mid/forefoot striker). The only difference people tend to notice is the level of cushioning (obviously more important for heel-strikers), the shoe¡¯s dimensions in regard to one¡¯s foot (is the Nike Air Max 1 Pas Cher toe-box tight/roomy/toooooooo roomy), and how well the hell cups one¡¯s foot (or doesn¡¯t, at all). All of these add up to two main things, does the shoe injure you (blisters, odd pressure point injuries, nerve compression etc), and does the level of feedback provided by the shoe match your impact pattern (yes, you can run on your forefoot and still have high impact, or still overstride etc¡­reality check).

The Musha feels a bit firmer and less flexible than the others, but have only worn it a few times. The Universe is in a different world ¨C way lighter, and much more flexible,

¡°For a variety of reasons, I think the advantages of barefoot-style running diminish on trails. In particular the hillier, the rockier, and the longer the trail, the less advisable is a minimal shoe. ¡°

I¡¯d say the sole feel is very similar to the Lunarglide 5. Soft heel, firmer and more stable forefoot than the Peg 29. I honestly can¡¯t feel a difference in terms of stability between the LG5 and Peg 31.

With the exception Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher of my spikes I predominantly wear Mizuno ¨C Wave Riders for most of my steady running & Wave Musha for faster stuff & racing. I generally am a midfoot/forefoot striker who prefers fairly lightweight & neutral shoes. I¡¯m interested in the discussions around barefoot & minimalist running without ever having been keen to change dramatically due to my long streak of injury free training. I¡¯m curious to know the thoughts of Pete & others on here regarding comparisons of the Musha (which I wear) and the Universe & Ronin (whic Nike Blazer Pas Cher h I¡¯ve never tried but have seen the reviews on here).

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