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 With the fit dialed Adidas LA Trainer Homme Boutique in (half size larger), the adidas Adios Boost 2 provides the same great ride as v1. This is a shoe I could use for speed or distance racing, and I love the cushioned yet responsive feel of the sole. For some this might be a 5K racer, for others it might be a marathon racer depending on how much shoe you are used to. Aside from the tricky fit, my only major issue with the Adios Boost is price ¨C at $140 it¡¯s an expensive shoe for a racer. Adidas might counter that durability of the Boost material justifies the price, but that¡¯s a call you will have to make if you want to try them.

A couple of other upper differences worth mentioning. First, it¡¯s hard to say for sure, but it feels like the heel counter in v2 may be a bit stiffer and rise a bit higher than that in v1. Also, the tab behind the Achilles tendon does Vente Adidas Tech Super Homme not extend up as high in v2 (see photo above).

it looks like you left the lacing the way it arrived, with the laces entering the holes from above rather than from below as they usually do. did you find this works better for this shoe?

I was just wondering if there is a shoe you might use for recovery days other than a Kinvara as I have recently been getting some it band issues after about 6-7 miles into a run along with a bit of heel/ achillies soreness. I tried Saucony ride 6 but they drive my achillies nuts and seem to high even at 8mm drop. I seem to gravitate toward Saucony as the Kinvaras have served me well, but am open to suggestion on other brands maybe¡­I land mid foot with slight heel from time to time as we¡¯ll?

I have both the adios 2 (non boost) and adios boost 1, and as you say, find the boost 1 more suitable for easier runs, and the non boost to really come into its own when pushed to speed ¡ª simply put, for me the thin kevlar or whatever plate in the adios non-boost has a rigidity to it that seems to return energy to you at higher speeds, while the boost version feels a bit mushy, or at least mushier by comparison. I wonder how adidas¡¯ elite marathoners felt about this? I think the non-boost versio Adidas ZX 700 Homme France n would work better over the final stages of a marathon¡­

David Henry is a 31 year old husband and father of 3 young children. He has completed over 23 ultra marathon events as well as many other shorter races. Some of the notable races he has completed include The Pike¡¯s Peak Marathon, Speedgoat 50k, The Rut 50k, and Bighorn 100. He has raced in diverse environments ranging from Alaska in winter to the Arizona desert. David appreciates well-crafted running shoes and running on any surface and distance Adidas ZX 750 Homme Vente . If interested you can follow my running on Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/davidjonhenry

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