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I actually bought a pair of the Peg 29 earlier Nike Blazer Haute Femmes this year for a consulting project and wound up running in them a few times. Though they are more shoe than I typically wear, I actually enjoyed the ride since the very soft sole works well with my stride. My main problem with the Peg 30 was that the forefoot was so soft that my feet tended to cave the medial midsole as I reached max pronation (this led to abrasion on the ball behind my big toe).

Hi Pete! Thanks for the review. Best I read so far. Comments are great too. Couldn¡¯t find my concern though. I run 12-14 miles a week at most, and maybe 6 months a year. Other 6 is too cold outside ?? I wear Asics Kayano. Love them. Can¡¯t complain. I don¡¯t think it¡¯s been the running but for the last year I have sometimes pain on the section under my fat toe and my arches get crammed. Doing some exercises from the phisio and a bit better. Anyways, wanna try a more mid-free run, and thought I¡¯ll try the Free 3. Nike Flyknit Lunar 0 v5, but I am concerned with the ¡°too soft¡± comment. Doesn¡¯t sound so ¡°free¡± to me then :) Would there be any other model from Nike with that free feel but a bit more hard feeling? Again, I don¡¯t wanna go to free, but not too soft neither. Thanks in advance!!! Fito ¨C Finland

I felt that once after wearing them all day casually. I think I had the lacing a bit too tight and the tongue has no padding. I have removed the insoles in other shoes and as long as there s no abrasion from stitching see no reason why it would be a problem. You could also try swapping in a thinner insole from another shoe if you have one available.

The Free is 4mm drop, so if you have a midfoot strike it is possible that it may cause you to contact a bit toward the heel. Probably not a big deal since I suspect it is minor. All three shoes you mention are good. The GoBionic is about to be updated, so may want to hold off on that one as the new upper is awesome. Nit sure on release date. Of the other two, Cursoris has wider forefoot, but durability of the sole may be a concern. Have also heard that it will be discontinued after this model. It also has a very open mesh so could be to cold in winter. I think I¡¯d go with the Free.

I¡¯ve tried on both the Flyknit 3.0 and 4.0 and the 4.0s do indeed have a little wider toebox. Also, I think the snugge Nike Flyknit Max r fit is intentional in the 3.0 because the Flyknit material acts more like a sock than a traditional shoe upper and has some stretch to it, but it is a different feeling for sure and one that not everyone will care for.

I have a half size bigger in the 4.0 than in the GoBionic or GR2, but there is quite a bit of room for me. I could probably even manage the same size in those, but I like a bit o Nike Free 5.0 Pas Cher f extra room. If anything, only go up a half size.

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