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Internally, the Wildhorse upper is almost completely seamless from Nike Free 3.0 UK Outlet the midfoot forward ¨C there is just a bit of stitching at the junction of the midfoot and forefoot on each side. The interior lining is a soft, sock-like mesh and seems like it could handle sockless running without too much issue (have not tried this myself yet ¨C too cold up here). One issue I did have initially was some friction at the back of the heel associated with heel slippage. I was worried that I might get some blistering, but the problem seemed to resolve itself after a few runs.

Any issues I had today I don¡¯t blame so much on the shoes, but rather on my approach to using them. If you plan to try out the Free 3.0¡¯s, respect the advice to ease your way into training with them. I figure I can go up to 10 miles or so in them without trouble, but I need to slowly work my way up to distances further than that. I won¡¯t be using them for this coming marathon in Vermont (I¡¯ll probably wear my Saucony Fastwitch 2¡¯s), but I wouldn¡¯t discount their use in a marathon at some point down the road as I strengthen the foot and leg muscles that they target. The Free 3.0¡¯s are remarkably comfortable just to wear around the house, and they¡¯re worth a try for anyone wanting to work their way into the minimalist running approach. Mine are Nike Free 5.0 UK Sale guaranteed a spot in my rotation, and who knows, they might just take their spot exclusively.

One thing to consider with regard to the air unit in the heel is that because it has some give, and the heel tends to sink in, I suspect that this shoe is functionally almost a zero drop shoe. In fact, among trail shoe I have run in I¡¯d compare it most closely to shoes like the Altra Superior or Lone Peak, or maybe the Topo MT.

My guess is that people with narrow feet, or those who have a relatively low-volume forefoot will not have a problem and the Free 5.0 2014 will work fine. My feet are average width (I can fit fine into most racing flats, which tend to be narrow), but may be slightly higher volume than average (i.e., taller top to bottom). Thus, the circumference of my foot in this area exceeds the circumference of the tunnel created by this restrictive overlay, and thus it¡¯s a no-go for me. So my rec would be that if you have a wide foot, or a thick foot from top to bottom, these shoes may not work out for you either (and if you had a problem with the forefoot band on the NB MT10, stay away for sure!). Narrow or low volume, you¡¯re probably good to go.

The upper mesh is open in the midfoot and forefoot to provide for some air flow. Unlike the new Free 3.0 Flyknit, which I have heard fits fairly tightly, the 4.0 has a traditional tongue, and I think this allows for better customization of fit. I¡¯ve run sockless in the shoes a few times and have had a bit of abrasion on one run near the midfoot/arch (maybe from one of the Flywire bands?), but this has been inconsistent. May have just been a hot day with more sweat leading to chafe. No issues at all while wearing socks (side note ¨C these shoes seem to hold a stink when you use them sockless).

Nike Free 3.0 ImageEmboldened by my experience this weekend running 4 and then 7 miles in Maine in my new Nike Free 3.0¡¯s, I decided that these might be the shoes I wear during my marathon next week. They felt light as a feather, were exceedingly comfortable, and I felt none of the pain or soreness reported by others who have tried these shoes out. If you¡¯re not familiar with the Nike Free line, they¡¯re minimalist shoes meant to simulate barefoot running. In the Nike Free family, the 3.0¡¯s are the most minimal of all (less than 6.0 oz each), and the closest thing in the line to running barefoot (they rate the Free¡¯s on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being barefoot). Needless to say, I¡¯ve fallen in love with these shoes, and despite today¡¯s experience, I plan to be spending a lo Nike Air Max 95 Mens UK Sale t of time on the run with them in the future.

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