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 The Nike Air max Thea Pas Cher Free is on the soft side, but not terribly squishy. I really like the shoe as is. Nike also makes the Flex line that is like a cheaper Free, but have not tried them so not sure how soft they are.

Hello Pete! I been running in the Nike Free 3.0 v5 this past year and ran a half marathon in them this past Oct. I loved the fit and feel of them with my only complaint was the toebox ran a bit narrow. I also ran in Merrell Bare Access which would make this shoe just about perfect if it had that kind of toebox. Anyway, I picked up a pair of the GoBionic Pranas to replace my Frees but they seem to be a bit TOO roomy, even going down a half size. I still will use them for shorter runs but looking for something for longer runs. I¡¯m looking at the Altra Instinct 1.5 or the Altra Torin as that shoe. I read your reviews on each and I am torn about which one to get. Unfortunately, there isn¡¯t a store anywhere near me in Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area that sells them so I can¡¯t try them on. Given that I loved the Frees minus the toebox nike air max outlet online France issue, which one would you recommend that I should try to go with?

I just tried the new free 3.0 and 4.0. I run in go bionics 2 which I like. I wear size 11 in go bionics and 11 in 3.0 and 4.0. I initially liked how 4.0 felt on my feet. It had lots of room and felt comfortable. However when I took it for a run, for me I felt way too much on the heels and I felt that these could give me problems with my calves in the long term. To me the shoes didn¡¯t quite flow well with how I run. I felt little clunky with them. Then I tried then 3.0 and I love it. I was afraid of the tightness as I felt the shoes to feel a little tight. I run sockless and when I started running, it didn¡¯t feel tight at all. The shoes felt excellent and felt smooth as I was running. If you haven¡¯t tried 3.0, you are missing out. Tomorrow I¡¯m going to try running without the insoles and see if that¡¯s even better or not.

The Free is 4mm drop, so if you have a midfoot strike it is possible that it may cause you to contact a bit toward the heel. Probably not a big deal since I suspect it is minor. All three shoes you mention are good. The GoBionic is about to be updated, so may want to hold off on that one as the new upper is awesome. Nit sure on release date. Of the other two, Cursoris has wider forefoot, but durability of the sole may be a concern. Have also heard that it will be discontinued after this model. It also has a very open mesh so could be to cold in winter. I think I¡¯d go with the Free.

Love your reviews, always helpful. I have not run in Nikes since 1984, they never feel right to me. Tried the new Flyknit Free 3.0¡­.crazy how good they fee nike air max femme pas cher l to me. My all-time favorite. Only the pebble collecting is an annoyance. Try them!

I really like the feel of the Free as well, but I also find them a little too flexible for some workouts. My solution has been the Terra Kiger. I am using new ones for trails and after they sole is a bit worn, 200 miles or so, I move them to road use for the second half of their life. I then buy a new pair for trail use. They have th Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher France e comfort of the Free with a slightly more substantial sole.

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