Suzhou solid wood flooring material selection

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dSolid wood flooring material can be divided into many different categories, different species have different characteristics, Suzhou solid wood flooring material selection to see what? Opie flooring experts to answer your questions.
Suzhou solid wood flooring material selection varied, most of which are rare species of solid wood flooring material, Okan, red sandalwood, oak, teak, ash and other materials growth cycle longer than wood flooring, comfortable environment, cool and other advantages of solid wood flooring prices are determined superior.
Suzhou solid wood flooring material choice is also a science. Because wood floors are natural wood monomer selected some solid wood flooring material will directly choose the wood floor surface texture. Beautiful teak wood floor texture detail, usually in the form of ink lines beautiful, birch wood flooring rings obvious, straight and clear texture, smooth and soft and delicate material structure, a clear pattern. Red Oak vast majority ruled, rough texture, color, weight, white oak medium to coarse texture, pith ray longer than red oak, white oak grain therefore longer than red oak. And solid wood flooring is the chord surface pattern, provocative, beautiful, with approximate "wenge" pattern ... a wide variety of solid wood flooring material, so the wood floor texture and color is also changing, consumers pay attention to the aesthetics of the room in purchasing wood When the floor to observe, and then decide. In Opie floor, a senior designer tailored to your comfortable and beautiful home environment.
Suzhou solid wood flooring material of different options, wood properties are also different. Birch wood flooring uniform fine structure, hardness medium strength, it is more common to see wood flooring material. Corrosion-resistant teak wood floors, wood easily deformed, with the longer the more smooth, teak wood flooring material is all wood floor price is relatively high. Oak wood floors, high strength, good stability, so oak wood flooring material is the most popular on the market. Opie wild wood flooring selection of quality, species well, stability is guaranteed.
Suzhou solid wood flooring material different choices will affect the integrity of the final effect of the use and home environment, consumers should choose the right wood flooring material according to their needs.
Suzhou New Opie floor mall opened, in line with the introduction of a variety of Suzhou wood flooring color trends floors, each floor have reached the national standard E1-class, there is always one is your favorite (Address: Suzhou City of the City Road No. 666 Cheung Building 19001 Welcome to the store). More info Baidu Suzhou Suzhou floor Opie floor mall. Sweep the number of public attention, easy access to more flooring knowledge.
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