before Georgia Tech organized a football team of its own

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The team started in the 1880s They carried the na St Louis Brown Stockings as a mber of the Arican Association Ten years after their foundation in the AA they followed the initiative of most teams and moved to the National League in 1892 When the century changed they also adopted a new na and opted for the CardinalsBefore moving to the National League the team dominated the Arican Association They won four suessive Arican Association titles in 1885 1886 1887 and 1888 They also peted in the early version of the World Series gave birth to a rivalry with the Chicago Cubs that will last up to this dateIt was difficult to leave their suess in the Arican Association In ft when they moved to the National League they did not have much suess for the first few years It took the team three decades before they could be bk on their feetA major turnaround took ple in 1920 when Branch Rickey managed the team He invested in looking for new talents that will bee the future of the team This paid off because in the ensuing years the Cardinals would be one of the dominant teams in the league They dramatically won their very first World Series under as National League team in 1926 They defeated the very strong New York Yankees in seven gasThis marked the beginning of the suess of the team in the league They earned seventeen National League pennants since 1926They ranked second to the New York Yankees in the most number of World Series won They earned the title ten tis They earned it in the following years: 1926 1931 1934 1942 1944 1946 1964 1967 1982 and the latest was in 2006The team also demonstrated their strength in recent years However they often fall ort after making impressive number of won gas One heartbreaking loss took ple in 2004 After defeating strong teams to battle it out in the World Series the St Louis Cardinals would fall in the rcy the Boston Red Sox The Red Sox defeated them after a sweep It was their first World Series after 86 yearsHowever the Cardinals would e out strong in 2006 where they took ho the World Series after defeating a strong team the Detroit Tigers Rick Grantham is an expert on sports equipnt Roy Miller Jersey , specially on mlb-st-louis-cardinals St Louis Cardinals Merchandise for more information on mlb Major League Baseball Team Stores, visit BooYah Village.Football and athletics always has seemed to be an “afterthought” at Georgia Tech. Education and the struggle for excellence has always been the priority at Georgia Tech. "I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluva engineer. A helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, hell of an engineer." Those words from one of America's most famous fight songs typify the spirit of athletics at Georgia Tech, a school with one of the most storied and honored traditions in college athletics. Ever since 1892, when the first football team was organized on The Flats, Georgia Tech teams in all sports have represented the Institute in outstanding fashion while producing some of the best-known names in athletics. Tech has won four National Championships in football in the years 1917, 1928, 1952, and 1990. The Yellow Jacket football teams have one of the nation's best records in bowl games at 22-14. Over the past 100 years, Tech has had only 12 head football coaches: John Heisman, Bill Alexander, Bobby Dodd, Bud Carson, Bill Fulcher, Pepper Rodgers, Bill Curry Bryan Anger Jersey , Bobby Ross, Bill Lewis, George O'Leary, Chan Gailey and the present coach, Paul Johnson. In the fall of 1891, before Georgia Tech organized a football team of its own, a game was scheduled between Auburn and Georgia. Due to the rivalry established in baseball games between Tech and Georgia (which is still strong after more than 100 years), the Tech students were invited to the game to cheer, of course, for Auburn. At a mass meeting, the students appointed a committee to recommend colors to be worn and cheers to be used at the game. The committee suggested white and gold, and about 200 students attended the game wearing school colors for the first time. In 1893, when Tech's football team played its first official game against Georgia, a group of young women from the Lucy Cobb Institute for Girls, dressed in white and gold, attended the game to cheer for Tech. These ladies were some of the earliest Tech supporters to show their allegiance by wearing the now-traditional colors. The Yellow Jacket nickname and mascot are two of the most beloved trademarks of Georgia Tech athletic teams, but many conflicting accounts exist as to the origins and beginnings of the Yellow Jacket. One thing that is clear, however, is that the nickname did not grow out of the familiar six-legged insect Tyson Alualu Jersey , but instead that the insect mascot, known as "Buzz," grew out of the nickname. As far as can be determined, the first reference to Tech students as "Yellowjackets" appeared in the Atlanta Constitution in 1905 and became common usage at that time. Historians say the name, spelled as one word, was first used to describe supporters who attended Tech athletic events, dressed in yellow coats and jackets. The actual mascot was conceived at a later date. Other common nicknames which have applied to Georgia Tech teams include Engineers, which is still used by some writers; the Techs, the first known nickname which was phased out sometime around 1910; and the Blacksmiths, which was common between 1902 and 1904. Georgia Tech football has one of the most “storied” traditions and historical memories in College Football…Here a re just a few that TECH fans all remember: The Cumberland Game. On Oct. 17, 1916, John Heisman's team crushed Cumberland College 222-0 in the most lopsided and highest-scoring game in college football history. The 1929 Rose Bowl, where Cal's Roy Riegels ran the wrong way, Tech won 8-7 and claimed its second national championship. Oct. 3, 1942, when Tech finally won at Notre Dame for the first time in eight trie.

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