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Whether youre planning your Hawaiian luau theme party for children nike air max 2016 ireland , adults or a mixture of the two, its always great to have a few fun activities on hand to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. Sometimes it can be tricky to choose the right types of activities for your guests. The activities are intentionally not divided into those for ‘adults and ‘children as many fun loving adults would love to enjoy some potentially ‘younger activities. Coconut bowling. This is a lot of fun, though can get a bit messy. Make sure that it is done someplace where the ground can be easily hosed off. You can either use actual pineapples (hollowed out from the bottom a bit to lighten them) for pins or make your own with 2-liter bottles that have a little sand or water inside to weigh them down against any breeze. These bottles could then be decorated in a variety of ways to look like pineapples. Three pins would work the best because coconuts are a lot smaller than normal sized bowling balls. Make sure to have someone stationed at the other end of your ‘alley to reset the pins after each turn. Once the game is set up, let the fun begin. This could be a game played throughout the party just for fun or you could hold a single elimination tournament until a single winner is determined. Hawaiian Tourist Relay Race. This game has several variations but the general gist is coordinating a standard relay race where each team member runs to a point (where theres a suitcase, duffle bag, anything that could hold clothes and says ‘travel) nike air max ireland , takes out an article of clothing (or several), puts them all on, gets a nod from a referee, then takes the items off and runs back to tag the next runner in their team. For your Hawaiian event, put different kinds of beach items in a suitcase (going on vacation) or beach bag. Possible items would include nose block, sunglasses nike air max classic bw mens , sun hat, swim shorts, sandals, pooka shell necklace (this can be very difficult to put on when in a hurrythat dumb clasp), etc. A popular variation on this is to have each team form a line. The first person is to put all the items on, get a nod from a referee cheap nike air max 1 , then remove the items handing them to the team member standing right next to them for heshe in turn to then put on. This next team member can be putting on the items while the first is removing. However, that second team member cannot start passing his items on until he is wearing ALL the items that the first team member was wearing. THEN and only then can heshe begin removing the items to hand to the next person. As a fun note, make the items to put on silly and fun. Exotic Necklaces – Provide supplies for your party guests to string their own beach necklaces. Depending on the style, these often dont require many beads per necklace. Using Joanns 40% off coupons can land you some fun and interesting exotic beads to include. If you really want to go for it, consider ordering some shark teeth beads from resources such as Fire Mountain Gems! Create your own tropical beach wind chimes. Save up some plastic coffee can lids ahead of time (you might want to consider asking family and coworkers to save some for you, as well.) Paint them different colors in advance (getting rid of the writing nike air max thea ireland , etc.) With scissors, cut slits in the plastic to allow for string to be tied to the lids with enough slack to hang, allowing for items to be connected. This is where the fun part comes in. Any number of things can be added to make a fun luau themed wind chime. Of course, if youre going for something that sounds nice, consider hanging sea shells. However you can also hang things like toy shovels, sunglasses and plastic flowers! Create your own sand globes. Take either baby food jars or emptied clear small water bottles (with the labels completely removed.) Fill the container halfway with water. Add one drop of blue food coloring. Next nike air max 95 cheap , allow your guests to put in things like glitter, small seashells and some sand. Fill the remaining container with baby oil. Hot glue the lid shut (so no water will escape.) Your guest will have just made their own ocean scene! (The water and oil wont combine so that they can move the container around to watch the water move about with the different items they added to their containers.) Make your own hula accessories. If you provide enough decorating materials, this activity will really allow your guests to express their creative sides. Take plastic shower caps and cut the tops off so that you have an elastic band (about a few inches wide) that will fit around a guests head. Allow them to decorate them with flowers and greenery to make a beautiful or fun, Hawaiian wreathe. Double banded, they can also go around ankles and wrists. The Sea Wall of Confessions – This is a lot of fun for a fun group. Choose a wall at the party and pin up all kinds of sea creatures. Teacher supply stores are great for having cardboard cut outs. You can also use clipart and enlarge each image to the size of a regular 8 12 x 11 sheet. Decorate your ‘sea-scene as elaborate as you want with seaweed, sharks nike air max 90 mens sale , shellsmaybe even a scuba diver. Your guests will think that it is just a great wall of decorationsuntil you pull everyone together in front of the wall to start the game, that is. You see, on the back of each of the sea creature cut outs you will have written a question for a guest to read and answer. This is a lot of fun and youll find that everyone really gets into it as long as the questions are all positive (unless this is family we are talking about and no holds barred!) Some example questions: What was the best job you ever had What was the worst job you ever had What is your fondest elementary school memory Name a time when you learned a particularly new respect for one of your parents. What adult was the most positive influence for you during your teens What is the earliest career ‘choice you can remember making as a small child 锘? .

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