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 I think the spike Nike Dunk Sky Hi Femmes in interest will die down eventually, though I hope not. However, the concepts are still new or unknown to many. I continue to run into other runners at races or in my travels who only know it as that ¡®fad on the fringe¡¯. People running with significant heel-strike complaining about knee problems, people thinking it is only a fashion fad and not a form issue. The list goes on.

I have a question for you, Dr. Kirby: millions (or more) people on this planet go barefoot from cradle to grave, on every surface from concrete to grass, and I¡¯ve come across studies providing evidence that they have objectively healthier feet. Additionally, shoes appear to permanently alter the ¡°natural¡± shape of the human foot. Finally, until the Industrial Revolution people have been more or less barefoot (I was able to pick up and examine a replica of a typical ¡°shoe ¡°worn by a typical European circa the 17th century and I found it to provide less protection and support than my Vibram Five Fingers. It was just a bundle of soft leather). Based on these facts, how can you support putting people in supportive, structured shoes, particularly at a young age?

We¡¯ll be getting the Brooks Pure line and New Balance Minimus in October¡­in the past year we¡¯ve cut a lot of non-minimalist shoes and have added mainly minimalist. Our sales in moderate stability and motion control shoes have plummeted. We are selling mostly neutral/cushioning and light stability traditional shoes as well as the minimalist.¡±

Kara ran a PR. We don¡¯t need to define in our own terms what an improvement in form is. Her 2:24:52 was an improvement in performance and that after having a child in the interim.

No, you are not listening. I¡¯ve said twice that my personal criteria for minimalist are about 10oz or less, about 8mm lift. Maybe third time is a charm?For others, the exact definition will differ. I have friends who would restrict minimalist to Vibrams, huaraches and the like. My point is that I really don¡¯t see a point to drawing a line in the sand on what I view as a spectrum or continuum of shoe options. You¡¯re more than welcome to call the Brooks Beast minimalist if you so choose, I really don¡¯t much care. It¡¯s more minimalist than a cast or boot I suppose.

Nike Air Max 95 Pas Cher I have a question for all you minimalist running shoe fans. What is your definition of a ¡°minimalist¡± running shoe? In other words, in looking here through Pete¡¯s RunBlogger reviews, I am seeing an awful of lot of shoes with relatively thick midsoles that you all are still calling ¡°minimalist shoes¡± and a very far stretch from being barefoot or being in Vibram FiveFinger shoes. In other words, are the shoe manufacturers using the ¡°minimalist¡± or ¡°barefoot-like¡± buzzwords to sell shoes to all of you with n Nike Air Max 90 France Pas Cher o regard to minimum midsole thickness, midsole durometer or shoe weight?

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