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I currently have ITBS. I have an appointment with a nike air max 1 dames physical therapist tomorrow to check my gait on a treadmill. I had my second baby in April 2011. I started running after 5 weeks of giving birth. Everything was fine, until Dec 2011. I stopped dead in my tracks during a run because of sharp pain on the side of my knee. I waited 3 months to have an MRI done, since rest didn¡¯t help.

I am desperately searching for the cause of my ITBS. I have the typical pain on the lateral side of my knee, but I also have tightness in my hamstrings and while running I develop pain in my calves and knees that limits my running to about 60-90 minutes.

I was glad t nike air max outlet nederland o find this website with the information. My 12 y o daughter has been having IT band issues for about 5 months now, created and exacerbated by a combination of running and swimming (breaststroke, which is apparently a huge trigger of IT band problems).She¡¯s more of a swimmer, and was running for dry land training, but had to quit all of it for awhile this spring due to extreme hip and knee pain.

I run trail and road, but recently began running often on the treadmill. It¡¯s possible that the treadmill is the source of my problem, but I have run 20 miles on the treadmill before and 50 mile weeks on the treadmill during ice storms ¨C without issue.

Is it possible that a shoe can still cause injuries after six months of running in them? When I read the comments, everyone seems to have developed their problems after a few weeks of running in the shoes, o r even immediately.

I am SUPER DUPER grateful for your post! I have been struggling with ITBS for over a year and it has been more mentally painful than physical. I so want to get back to endurance running. I got new shoes after my initial flare and I got orthotics¡­..Still can¡¯t run more than 5. I had really good pain free beach runs and now I¡¯m going to try minimalist shoes for a second time¡­.the first time I had some heel problems. Anyhow I just want t nike roshe run dames outlet nederland o thank you for sharing. Reading your post and the

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