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India is a country where education is considered as scared. It is in India were all religion has its own belief in education. As India is a multicultural country with a number of religion present and number of languages spoken education is given importance in every religion. In ancient India rmal education was given by sadhus Jerseys For Cheap , saints, maulvis, popes, fathers Jerseys Cheap , and the most important ple from where one still gets rmal education is from ho but this education was mostly and purely religious. The believers of Hindu religion called it Vidya. It was nad the goddess Vidya as e was a goddess of education. The believers of Muslim religion called it Islam as Islam for them was learning and understanding their religion. As India moved forward from ancient period and rehed the modern period formal education started being more important. Formal education was started so that people learn mon things about the world and stay united because the sa thing could not take ple in only taking rmal education. Formal education was not only started so that the world stays united but also people bee knowledgeable. Formal education helped India to progress as it enlightened the people and improve the standard of living. It also helped in invention of new things and made life much easier. Formal education rises not only in cities but also in villages. India has given birth to many scholars which took the country India to a different height in the world. Primary Education also had been made pulsory. Education is free of cost up to a certain grade for girls as girls help their families grow which will lead to a suessful and bright future.
Many schools, colleges, universities, etc have been started so that no one is deprived of education. Formal education has bee a must. But is the formal education still works the sa way as it was started during the Briti rule. Is the education still on the sa level as it was started by Mahatma Phule. Although the quality of education has increased NFL Jerseys Wholesale , the system has started getting bad. Indian religion has always considered education as sred, but does the sredness still exist All in India citizen has the right to education but is that norm of Indian democry tually prtised Does India treats all students equal and gives them equal education Is the Indian education system corrupted Let’s find the answer to these questions.

The TOI report
MBBS seats sold for beeen Rs 12 lakh and Rs 40 lakh by o private colleges in Chennai barely exposes the tip of the iceberg. The scam gets bigger, more brazen as dical graduates embark on specializations that are necessary for a suessful career. The price this year for a post-graduate seat in radiology in most leading private colleges ross the country is Rs 2 crore while in cardiology, gynaecology and orthopaedics are priced around Rs 1.5 crore

This is an example of clear corruption in Indian Education System.
Middle caste students and poor students who have brains can never get into these colleges although they have the ability to perform. Marks NFL Jerseys Cheap , grades, percentages hardly matters to these institutions. Is this the sredness these dical colleges are owing
Other educational institutions like schools and colleges also have started taking bribes on the na of donation which costs up to 10 to 15 lakhs. Where do the middle class people go for educating their child The Indian democry says Every Citizen Have a Right to Education. But this is not prtised. The education system is not directly depriving the child from taking education but indirectly it is saying that marks and intelligence have no value in front of money today.


There is no need of Entrance Test in India. But this is another way of getting money. This system has also started in India to a very large extent. Making money is very famous through entrance exams. Just pay Lakhs and crores of rupees for the entrance exam in different fields like science, MBA, and many other major degrees is a must. All corrupt educational institutes have started making money through this source also. So private educational panies in India has started a business of entrance exams. Not only these panies but also the educational institutes earns crores of hard money. Educational institutes enjoy the money which they have earned on the na of entrance exams.

This corrupted way of earning money leads so of the students who cannot pays the money no where. Talented middle class or poor people try to take loans which again creates a problem for them. So who do not find a way out of this problem often ends their life. The suicide rates have increases every year of students who cannot get into their desired colleges.


The third major problem in Indian education system is the marks allocation system.

Who will study when students can get 60% marks through copy paste

So institutes have started to give 60% marks for internal assessnt. Internal assessnt are easy but are made more easy by these institution by just letting the students to copy paste the stuffs from various sources especially inter. Mostly internal assessnt works includes projects Jerseys From China , researches on different topics which can be easily available. This does not only make the students lazy but also kills the talent in them. The hidden talent in them is also not discovered by the students by this systems.

No need to work hard, no need to study. No need to be awake nights and days for the remaining 40% marks when you are getting 60% marks.

This system has also been introduce by these institutions as it not only lessen the work but also bees a dium of earning. Students bribe the tehers and other authority but giving big fat donations and get the degree from these corrupted educational institutes.


India is a vast country with the second highest population in the world. As there is more population there are more students in India looking锘? D .

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