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 Nike Air Max 90 Leopard Femme soldes I¡¯ll also say you don¡¯t need road shoes at all either if you run both trails and asphalt. Road shoes are just a way for shoe companies to sell another shoe. I love my Hoka Challenger ATRs on the road too¡­

At the lower rpm it is much harder to turn the pedals over, even though the work output (and speed) is exactly the same.Foot strike characteristics notwithstanding, this leads me to believe that similar principles may be at play in running, that a higher turnover likely allows the aerobic system to take more of the workload.

good to hear about the change to the zoom elite 7. have you tried the elite 8? i know the upper is different; i wondered how the fit and ride were affected by this and any other changes. thought i might give the refurbished 7 or the 8 a shot (just in case i can¡¯t find the Nike Free 5.0 Femme Acheter en ligne rocket¡­).

My theory is that it is MUCH harder to learn a high cadence while maintaining good form than it is to lengthen the stride. So (for my sample population of one), no matter the speed, training at a high cadence has benefits.

For each runner I calculated these timing measurements starting with the first observable contact of the left foot on each video, and where possible obtained data for both legs and computed the average (only swing phase in Mutai and Hall are based off just one leg). Below are the results (yellow depicts the highest value for each variable for each gender, green the lowest). Units for each value are seconds with the exception of stride rate, which is in steps/minute. The latter was calculated by dividing 60 by the value for step time. Oh¡­ on a non running subject, but on cadence, today when out on my bike I caught up with a cyclist, he was dawdling along the trail, while I was cycling about faster, but still as a easy pace for me. I checked our respective cadence and mine was over twice as fast, he looked like he was peddling a bit slowly but nothing out of ordinary, and I didn¡¯t feel like I was peddling fast ¨C it just felt natural and easy. The mor Nike Free 5.0 Homme vente discount e time I¡¯ve spent on my bike the more a quick cadence has become second nature, I suspect I¡¯m changing up later, and changing down quicker than I used to just to keep the cadence up to a comfortable level.

Next thought is that the energy cost of running faster is higher so you¡¯ll need to pull in be oxygen and pump out more carbon dioxide, this all means you¡¯ll need to breath are greater volume of air, so either breath more deeply or breath more quickly, o Nike Free Run 2 Femme pas cher r more likely both just like cadence and stride length ??

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