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 I did the exact same thing¡­bought Nike Air Max TN uk Trainers the 5.0s after being thrilled with the 3.0s because I was in need and didn¡¯t want to create my own 4.0s at the time¡­.but when I saw a few weeks later that the 4.0a were released, I ordered a pair immediately. all I can say is wow. I absolutely love them. truly an extension of your feet and like nothing I felt before. one of the best low profile shoe I¡¯ve ever worn. I purchased the electric yellow and dark gray. I wear them with ultra thin Nike and feetures no show tab socks. no slip ever, just comfort. much different than he 5.0s that don¡¯t give you the feel of the road like 4.0s. o do have one chief complaint. I¡¯ve had them for 3 weeks, been through at least 13 workouts + 25+ miles. they are covered in dirt. absolutey covered¡­the knit seems to attract dirt like bees to honey. its unreal. if u don¡¯t know how to trnruk.uk wash your frees¡­tie them off in pillow case and wash with detergent in short cold wash. hopefully the knitting doesn¡¯t come apart. dont dry them!

I really like the feel of the Free as well, but I also find them a little too flexible for some workouts. My solution has been the Terra Kiger. I am using new ones for trails and after they sole is a bit worn, 200 miles or so, I move them to road use for the second half of their life. I then buy a new pair for trail use. They have the comfort of the Free with a slightly more substantial sole.


I¡¯m sure Pete can elaborate more. I¡¯ve tried on the Free Flyknit 4.0 (but not run in it) and I have the GoBionic 2. The Bionic is a bit more minimal than the 4.0 so hard to say, especially for a shoe geek like myself, which would be the only one in my lineup :). The 4.0s would be more versatile because there is more shoe there, but it just depends on how particular you are about drop, weight and overall stack height (i.e. if you want zero drop, then the Bionic would be the one to keep).

I had a pair of the originals in blue back in ¡¯04 or ¡¯05, whenever that was- When I sucked so bad and I would hobble around ever nike air max 2015 Trainers uk y few months and hurt my knees. That¡¯s the kind of people I associate with these shoes. Shouldn¡¯t cool kids like you wear Sauconys or something like that now?

I¡¯ve tried on both the Flyknit 3.0 and 4.0 and the 4.0s do indeed have a little wider toebox. Also, I think the snugger fit is intentional in the 3.0 because the Flyknit material acts more like a sock than a traditional shoe upper and has some stretch to it, but it is a different feelin nike air max 90 uk Trainers g for sure and one that not everyone will care for.

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