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 Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers I really do like the sleek and understated look of the Nike Free (especially in the black upper/white sole colorway), but I just can¡¯t convince myself to pull the trigger on a purchase when there are cheaper alternatives that have many of the aesthetic features I look for in a shoe and also have better reputations as functional, minimal-ish training tools among the running blog cognoscenti.

Hi Pete. Great coverage as always. How did you like Free 4.0 in comparison to the Kinvara 5? I unfortunately don¡¯t like the Kinvara 5s, for me, they are significantly wider in the forefoot and midfoot and don¡¯t have the racing shoe fit like the 3s or 4s. I Nike Air Max Trainers Sale found my feet sliding some what and the shoe just felt more boxy. I liked the Kinvara 3s the best; not as narrow as the 4s.

I just got a pair of these and it¡¯s definitely tighter along the top than my other runners. There¡¯s plenty of room in the toe box though. How tight should the shoe be along the top? I¡¯m worried that if I go half a size up there¡¯ll be too much room for toes (and even still be tight along the top).

The Free is on the soft side, but not terribly squishy. I really like the shoe as is. Nike also makes the Flex line that is like a cheaper Free, but have not tried them so not sure how soft they are.

I tried the Pegasus but I didn¡¯t like the way the heel slanted to the side. I went wit h the saucony ride 7. It is a pretty awesome shoe. I needed another shoe besides the adidas glide boost to use in my first 24 hr race next month. I wanted to like the Pegasus but the heel thing bothered me and when I tried on the ride it felt great as soon as I put it on.

The Lunarglide has rubber in all major wear spots, and my pair is not showing any unusual or accelerated breakdown after about 30 miles on roads (note ¨C I do tend to catc Nike Air Max trainers UK h rocks in the forefoot grooves, not a big deal though).

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