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 Thanks for this post. I more or Nike Lunar Cheap UK less have the same situation, although I only recently switched to neutral and minimalist shoes and am not yet at the phase were I can run many miles without any IT band pain.

I¡¯m not sure, especially since I¡¯ve never had this problem before with any other shoes. Loosening the laces seems to help marginally, although it¡¯s still snug with no laces on(!). Maybe I¡¯m just not used to the sock-like fit? Are you supposed to feel some pressure along the top of your foot or should it fit loosely?

I recently bought a pair of Virratas and i¡¯m satisfied except for them being a bit on the narrow side and lacking sole rubber in the midfoot (Saucony really could have spared the heel ¡°shockpad¡± for some lateral rubber pods). I¡¯ve found that all i really need from a running shoe is a flexible sole with some cushioning and as little upper features as possible.

The mesh is stretchy enough that I can wiggle and spread out my toes easily, which makes for a much more enjoyable experience when wearing them for a long period of time (e.g., all day at work). I took the photo below while attempting to spread my toes as widely as possible, you can see them pushing the mesh out easily on both sides:

Thanks for this post! I was looking up ITBS and shoes and this came up. I switched from the Ride 4 to the Ride 6 about 2.5 months ago and developed some pain in my right knee (vaguely on the outside though not a stabbing pain). I have given myself lots of rest time between running with the same pain coming back after about 1.5-2 miles. I haven¡¯t gone more than 3 and am not training for everything. I went to our local running store today and had gait analysis. The worker said the neutral shoe *does* seem to be right for me, but I consider it to be like a bad date: everything may look good on paper, but the chemistry is just not there. I purchased a pair of Brooks Ghost 7 and after some icing, foam rolling and maybe a bit of rest this week, I will give the new shoe Nike Air Max 90 Mens UK Sale s a shot this weekend and see if the pain is less or gone.

The sole of the Nike Free 3.0 v5 is unchanged from v4. It has the typical grooves/siping found in all Nike Free shoes, which allow for excellent flexibility. Rubber outsole pods are only placed under the lateral heel and the big toe, though wear of the exposed midsole does not appear excessive ¨C I have about 45 miles of running on mine, and wear them casually frequently (often all day). The soles ar Nike Air Max 90 Womens UK Outlet e a bit discolored, but are holding up well so far:

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