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 I Nike Air Max 90 Flower Women wore two pairs of Hoka¡¯s last year for a few months and found they broke the kinetic chain that for me, is the key to running. I could no longer ¡°feel¡± the run. I am a cushioning fan but you have to have sensory feel as well. For me the Hoka¡¯s shut this off totally. For the first time in thirty years, I had back pain from running. My body lost touch with the ground. Back to Airmax for me¡­.love the Nike¡¯s. First 50k Ultra coming up next weekend. Sorry Hoka, I wanted to love you¡­..

Hi Pete. I¡¯m in Kinvara 2¡¯s right now (I stocked up!) and I like them so I was looking at the Kinvara 4 or 5¡¯s (I have narrow feet so a discounted 4 might still work for me). Anyways, two part question: How does the 4.0 Flyknit feel vs a Kinvara for sole flexibility when running? It looks like (cuz of the pods) it would be more flexible, which I think I might like. And 2nd, how would you compare/contrast the 4.0 Flyknit and the 3.0 v5? How would I pick one or the other from your experiences with them? Thanks!

I¡¯m a Clifton fan ¨C that being said I really prefer them on road vs. trail ¨C unless the trail is non-technical. For the ¡°catching an edge¡± reason you state, I just feel unable to get good foot placement and feel agile on technical trail in them. The interesting thing is I too feel a bit awkward, like I¡¯m working harder in the shoe than the weight should indicate. I wonder, could shoe VOLUME be a factor? If you are swinging an object with a high volume on the end of a lever ¨C does it make a difference in oxygen consumption vs. a shoe of the same weight but less surface area/resistance?

Point 5 of your article is something I also noticed. Although I appreciated running with the RapaNui Tarmac, I felt more tired than usual (especially around the knees) as if I had to spend more energy to keep a given pace.

the free 3.0 isnt the only shoe i dislike by Nike¡­.I loved my Pegasus+ 28 but the 29 isnt even near the same shoe as the 28. so i totally agree with the fashion statement about Nikes¡¯ direction now days.

In a similar vein to the Hoka¡¯s, I am curious if any of you out there hav Nike Air Max 90 Flowery Men&Women e tried the Brooks Ghost with it¡¯s ¡°crash pad¡±. AFTER cleaning up form by wearing minimal shoes, as well as refresher runs in minimal shoes once every two weeks or so, I find that running in the Ghost or similar shoes is¡­ fun. They are not my every day shoe, but I like them on easy runs once a week or so. The big thing for me is that I have gotten rid of the habit of driving my heel into the ground to initiate the foot strike, so I n Nike Free Huarache uk sale o longer ruin my knees when running in soft, big-heeled shoes.

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