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I don¡¯t have much in Adidas Originals Hommes Clearance the way of details about The One other than that it is supposedly Altra¡¯s take on a racing flat. Photo above comes from Altra¡¯s Instagram page.

The reality is that pronation is completely normal. If you walk in a shoe store and their sole basis for choosing a shoe for you is how much your pronate and what your arch looks like, turn around and walk out the door. You¡¯re probably just as well-off choosing a shoe at random from an on-line store. The science simply does not support this protocol (I wrote an entire chapter in my book explaining why), and in fact may contraindicate this practice. Given this, I was pleased to see a post come across my blogroll by sports podiatrist Ian Griffiths.

Griffiths feels that pronation is simply one factor to consider when dealing with an injured patient, and this is in line with my view as well. It¡¯s one factor among many that could contribute to any given injury, and it has been given a primacy in the footwear world that it does not deserve. It would be like deciding all of a sudden that we should assign shoes to runners based on their amount of hip adduction and internal rotation because excessive amounts have been linked to increased patellofemoral pain syndrome risk ¨C at least in this case there would be some science supporting the practice.

Let¡¯s get down to the business at hand ¨C here are my top 3 cushioned, zero drop road shoes for 2012:When I think of the Altra Instinct 1.5, the two words that come to mind are flat and wide. Shaped like a Croc or Birkenstock, the Instinct is one of the most spacious shoes that I own. Version 1.5 sports a far more attractive upper than the original, and the full rubber outsole should provide ample durability. My only complaints about the Instinct are that it is a tad heavy and a bit inflexible, but for a flat shoe with a bit of cushion it¡¯s a great option. View my full Altra Instinct 1.5 review here.

I need to provide full disclosure on this one ¨C I helped with the development of the Skechers GoBionic by wear testing and providing direct feedback to the designers of the shoe. Thus, much like the Skechers GoRun 2, this is a shoe that I wore a lot and some of the suggestions I offered were incorporated into the final design. There¡¯s a lot that I like about the GoBionic ¨C it¡¯s extremely flexible, semi-firm yet quiet, and fits me perfectly. I love the removable insole with finished footbed beneath, and the shoe is incredibly comfy both on the run and for all-day wear (it¡¯s another shoe that I often wear to work). You can read my full Skechers GoBionic review here.I generally don¡¯t write full posts about shoe sales (not sure how I feel about doing this more often ¨C is it helpful to be alerted of these things?), but I got an email from adidas today indicating that they would be running a 20% off sale from September 7 to September 14. This discount applies to any running shoe sold on adidas.com (includes free shipping on orders over $50), including one of Acheter Adidas ZX 750 Femme my current favorite shoes, the adidas adipure Gazelle (see red shoe above).

The post, published on the Kinetic Revolution website, describes why Griffiths thinks that ¡°the term ¡°overpronation¡± is neither accurate, descriptive nor meaningful, and should therefore be erased from modern day usage in both the lay and the medical communities.¡± Griffiths covers a lot of ground in his article, pointing out such interesting tidbits as the fact that with regard to pronation:Across many studies, all of the data collected from pain free and injury free subjects and athletes shows tha Adidas ZX 850 Femme France Soldes t very few individuals actually meet the historical definition of ¡®normal¡¯.

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