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The first thing I noticed about the sole of this Nike Free 5.0 Femmes pas cher shoe was that the forefoot felt surprisingly cushy. Despite having the thinnest sole of the three running shoes in the Free line, I feel like the 3.0 has the best forefoot cushioning of the group, and it remains noticeable when running in the shoes. In contrast, the heel has a firmer feel, and this makes for a unique ride ¨C it¡¯s more common for the reverse to be the case. Combined with the extreme flexibility of the siped sole, the unique feel of the cushioning has made for enjoyable ride runs up to 9 miles so far. I actually think I prefer the 3.0 for longer runs over it¡¯s more structured sibling the 5.0 ¨C the 3.0 is one of those shoes that just disappears on my feet.

I chose the Wildhorse due to consistently positive feedback from trail runners (I was debating between this one and the Terra Kiger 2, but went with the Wildhorse since the Kiger 2 has already bee Nike Blazer Mid Femmes france n reviewed on Runblogger by David Henry). It was also one of the top five trail shoes chosen by readers in my 2014 trail shoe survey. Combine the high praise with a good deal from Running Warehouse on a closeout color and I was sold. I¡¯m happy to report that the shoe lives up to the hype ¨C I¡¯m loving it!


One of my areas of concern with v2 of the Wildhorse was durability of the upper, particularly in the area of the forefoot. I didn¡¯t experience any tearing in my pair, but the material appeared to be pilling/fraying a bit at the surface and I don¡¯t think they could handle hundreds of miles on the trail.

Internally, the Wildhorse upper is almost completely seamless from the midfoot forward ¨C there is just a bit of stitching at the junction of the midfoot and forefoot on each side. The interior lining is a soft, sock-like mesh and seems like it could handle sockless running without too much issue (have not tried this myself yet ¨C too cold up here). One issue I did have initially was some friction at the back of the heel associated with heel slippage. I was worried that I might get some blistering, but the problem seemed to resolve itself after a few runs.

Nike Free 3.0 (left) and 5.0 (right). Note the more rounded heel of the 3.0.As for durability, there is not a lot of rubber on the sole of this sho Nike Roshe Run Femme solde e ¨C just a few small patches around the heel and under the big toe. Wear after about 30 miles of running and considerable casual use has been minimal so far. Interestingly, I saw a fair amount of wear on the heel rubber of the 5.0 after similar mileage. This has not happened in the 3.0, and I think it may be due to the more rounded sole in the heel region of this shoe (see photo above) ¨C it doesn¡¯t catch the ground as easily as that of the 5. Nike Blazer Basse Femmes solde 0 (I tend to scuff a bit on the outer heel).

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