Conveyor Bearing with Punched Bearing

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General Sliding Bearing high carbon chromium bearing steel, the carbon content 1% the left and right sides of powder metallurgy POM Ball retainer, Plastic Ball cage bearing, Ball bearing retainer, add 1.5% chromium, and contains a small amount of manganese and silicon hypereutectoid steel.Chromium heat treatment can improve performance, increase the hardenability, uniformity, tempering stability, and can improve the anti-corrosion properties of steel and grinding performance.But when no chromium content in the Conveyor Bearing with Punched Bearing more than 1.65%, after quenching can increase the retained austenite in the steel, reduce the hardness and size stability, increase the inhomogeneity of carbide lower impact toughness and fatigue strength of steel.To this end, the chromium content of high Mold post ball cage bush, ball retainer bush,ball cage retainer steel general control under,65%1.Only strict control of the Brass Cage Ball Retainer for Mold Post steel chemical composition, can through the heat treatment process to satisfy the Marine Bronze bushing SL4 performance of the organization and hardness.

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