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I think we¡¯re at a point now where shoe categories have blurred so much that they have pretty much lost any real meaning. I¡¯ve always liked to think of maximal and minimal as relative terms, not categories. They represent opposite ends of a spectrum. And within this spectrum there is a huge amount of variation and an awful lot of gray areas and blurry lines.

Nike Free 5.0 2015 interiorOne of the things I¡¯ve always loved about the Free shoes is that they lack a heel counter. In case you¡¯re not familiar with the terminology, a heel counter is a firm, plastic insert located in the back of many shoes to give the heel region structure. In the Free 5.0 there is no counter at all, and this adds to the slipper-like experience. The lack of a heel counter is also one of the reasons why I often recommend the Free Nike Air Max 90 uk sale to people with insertional Achilles tendon issues that may be aggravated by a plastic counter in the heel.

Troy ¨C The Torins are Altra¡¯s high-cushioned road shoes, the Olympus are designed for trails. I also do a lot of my running the the Bare Access, but got the Torins (version 1.0 ¨C they¡¯re on sale now) for some easier/longer runs.

Hello Pete! I been running in the Nike Free 3.0 v5 this past year and ran a half marathon in them this past Oct. I loved the fit and feel of them with my only complaint was the toebox ran a bit narrow. I also ran in Merrell Bare Access which would make this shoe just about perfect if it had that kind of toebox. Anyway, I picked up a pair of the GoBionic Pranas to replace my Frees but they seem to be a bit TOO roomy, even going down a half size.

Among the new crop of maximal shoes, Hokas remain unique, and few shoes really compare. They combine a ton of soft cushion, a bucket sole where the foot sits down within the midsole, and a rocker bottom that feels very different than most other shoes. But, some of the newe Nike Air Max 90 cheap sale r Hoka models on the way are lower profile with stack heights not much different than other lightweight shoes.

I couldn¡¯t agree more Peter. I think talk of a maximalist trend is premature with many of the shoes deemed maximal not that different to conventional running shoes. As you stated above, the Hokas and the Altra Olympus are probably the only current shoes that fit the bill. Hardly a trend but this may change in time. I have a pair of the Olympus and like them Nike Air Max 2015 uk sale a lot but would only use them for extra long runs.

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