Salicylic acid -A substance that aspirin is derived from

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If you suffer from acne Olivier Vernon Jersey , you feel like you have to get rid of it, like yesterday. You want it gone. Both teenagers and adults often feel that their life is going to be ruined by this disease. While it’s not usually quite that bad, acne can nearly put a halt to your social life. So you really want to attack the problem posthaste.

Acne can be treated medically, by a physician, and that’s the route many people take. There are also homeopathic alternatives. In order to decide which should be your choice, it is recommended that you look at the pros and cons.

Medication Pros

1.If you get prescription medication, you will be under the care of a doctor. Your physician can keep track of your condition and have you check in as often as is necessary in case he needs to change your medication. If your breakout clears up or gets worse, the doctor can increase or decrease meds accordingly.

2.Prescription drugs do their job faster than holistic treatments. Your acne clears up more quickly and you get your social life back in a hurry.

3.If you have insurance, benefits may include acne treatment and prescription drugs.

Medication Cons

As well as some medications work Reshad Jones Jersey , there are also negatives to using them. Here are some disadvantages you should consider.

1.Negative side effects-Most drugs have at least a few side effects. Drugs used for acne treatment can cause skin to become dry and irritated. Some of these side effects can be unusual. You may experience changes in skin or hair color. Another possible change is staining of your teeth. Depression is common among acne sufferers, and possibly more so when using medications.

2.Vulnerability-How safe are these pharmaceutical drugs? Some acne medications are known to cause birth defects, and so should not be taken by pregnant women. Harsh acne medications can cause skin damage. Perhaps the cure is worse than the disease in some cases.

3.Some of these drugs can cause bacteria to become resistant to treatments. These are the anti-bacterial drugs. Companies need to always be developing new therapies against bacteria that cause acne. In the meantime, what is the alternative? Because of this, these drugs sometimes do not work.

4.Cost may become a problem, depending on insurance coverage. If you do not have prescription drug coverage, the cost can be anywhere from $15 to over $100. The more aggressive therapies tend to be more expensive.

Let’s consider some of the most common medications that could be prescribed by a doctor.

The drug prescribed for the most severe acne cases is Isotretinoin or Accutane. You cannot get this medicine over the counter. Many patients report positive results. In fact, for some people, their acne clears up and doesn’t come back. But there are side effects that you may have to put up with. Patients report dry Branden Albert Jersey , cracked lips, scaly skin, burning, redness, some loss of hair, and depression, to name a few. This drug is a derivative of Vitamin A, and can cause birth defects in unborn babies.

Oral antibiotics like Erythromycin and Tetracycline. These drugs kill the bacteria that are associated with acne. They also cause the bacteria to become resistant to treatment. Many antibiotics come in topical forms, as well.

There are other oral drugs Jamil Douglas Jersey , but these are used the most often.

Topical Treatments

Salicylic acid -A substance that aspirin is derived from. This is an anti-inflammatory. It is considered a rather mild treatment. Its main side effect is dryness. The acid in this remedy causes skin cells to slough off, preventing pores from filling up with oil.

Benzoyl peroxide, an acid. This is applied like a peel. It is a bacteria killer as well. Benzoyl peroxide can be stronger and more harsh than its weaker salicylic acid cousin. So your skin may become not only dry, but red and blistered, too.

Both Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide, as mentioned, can be prescribed by a doctor or obtained over the counter. Sometimes, both medicines are used as one treatment. This gives your skin a one, two punch of the medicine. However Dallas Thomas Jersey , there side effects can be worse, as well.

We get topical retinoids from Vitamin A. This class of drugs serve to keep pores from getting clogged and producing a pimple. Topical retinoids may harm unborn children, so should not be taken by pregnant women. Look for side effects or red, dry skin or a burning sensation.

If you are desperate to rid yourself of acne, it is understandable. But you should do your due diligence. Research the available treatments, talk to your doctor, then decide.

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