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 Nike Air Max UK Outlet I thought the opposite. I¡¯m usually a 10/10.5 but decided on the 10.5 from the fitting chart and they looked like they¡¯d be nice and snug out of the box. But they just form fitted to my foot with minimal stretch and have been the comfiest shoes I¡¯ve even run in. I¡¯d recomend getting a snug fit as a slightly loose fit may lead to your foot slipping back in the heal (as I found out trying on the 11¡¯s).

A total of 105 women were classified as either neutral (51 women), pronated (36 women), or highly pronated (18 women). Now here¡¯s the really interesting part. In a shoe store, the neutral women would be assigned a neutral shoe, the pronated women a stability shoe, and the highly pronated women a motion control shoe ¨C go it? In the study, however, the researchers took each of the three groups of women (neutral, pronated, and highly pronated), and subdivided them into sub-groups so that one-third would get a neutral shoe (Nike Pegasus), one third would get a stability shoe (Nike Structure Triax ¨C incidentally, the Triax was my first ¡°real¡± running shoe, assigned by one of those slow-motion eyeballs I mentioned earlier), and the final third would get a motion control shoe (Nike Nucleus). This was done for each of the pronation groupings, so that what we have here is some women in each pronation category wearing each type of shoe (i.e., many of them wearing the ¡°incorrect¡± shoe for their foot).

So, how does this all stack-up now 5 years on? With ¡®minimal¡¯ shoe sales at an all time low (4% of the market) and dropping?There are thousands of people out there, for whom this fad didn¡¯t work; who have injuries; who have missed training because of it.They are far less vocal than the bare footers (it is not possible to be MORE vocal than them!), possibly because people talk less about failures than successes.

Any idea how the arch support in these is? I¡¯m a high school middle-distance runner so generally my mileage is somewhere between 15-30 miles a week during track season. Most of the mileage comes from high-speed, low distance workouts (200m, 400m, 600m, etc) Anyway, right now I have the Nike Free 5.0+ and am considering these as my replacement shoes. I¡¯m guessing the arch support isn¡¯t great, given this is closer to a bare-foot shoe. If anyone who has high arches has tried these, I¡¯d love some feedback :)

1. 32% of the women missed training days over the course of the study. Another way to think of this is that there was an injury incidence of 32% in this population of runners, which is in line with other studies on running injury.

So what can we conclude from all of this? First, although they have an admittedl Nike Air Max 90 UK sale y small sample, it appears that motion control shoes offer little benefit, and in fact are more likely to cause pain and injury than any of the other shoe types. That fact that every single severe overpronator exprienced an injury in their motion control shoes begs the question of why anybody would use them? The authors themselves conclude that ¡°This study is unable to provide support for the convention that highly pronated runners should wear motion control shoes.¡± Interestingly, Christopher McDougall indicated recently on his blog that the life of th Nike Air Max Mens 90 UK Outlet e motion control shoe might soon be coming to an end.

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