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 I¡¯m coming back from about Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher an 18 month layoff and at 225lbs would this be a suitable shoe to get back started in? I prefer lighter shoes but need a bit of stability as well as I moderately pronate.

Enhanced by Zemanta That rubber thing sounds persuading. What i can say is that it makes a more durable impression (but i didn¡ät find the original Zante that bad in that regard) and the forefoot grip is definitely better! Especially on wet roads and light, dry trails. The flex has stayed the same. I¡äve read you use the Adidas Boston Boost on trails, so yes, the Zante v2 should be a more comfy fitting alternative ??

The fit of Zante v2 is very similar to the original version, maybe just a tad more roomy from midfoot to forefoot, the upper is slightly different with Nike Blazer Pas Cher a new mesh. The Boracay v2 is totally different. Whereas the Zante v2 is snug (not too narrow, imo) the Boracay v2 is overall quite roomy, at least for me. Boracay v2 is definitely more roomy than v1 (maybe good news for people with wide feet or someone who prefers more room). I struggled with the fit of Boracay v2 with narrow feet. A very similar comparison in terms of fit and upper is the Saucony Zealot.

I can tolerate a bit higher drop in a shoe if the sole is on the soft side since I¡¯m less likely to forefoot strike in it, and the heel will compress a bit if I land slightly back toward that end. I¡¯m not a big fan of extremely firm shoes unless they have a low stack height. It also might explain why it¡¯s a lot harder on the calves to run with a forefoot strike in a shoe that is zero drop with no cushion since it forces the calf to work through its full range of motion ¨C I like barefoot-style shoes for shorter runs, but don¡¯t use them for runs much longer than about 5 miles for this reason. Conversely, I can run in zero drop, cushioned for long distances without issue.

I too have been cured of a running injury, which I suffered from for over eight years, after transitioning my gait to that of a ¡°barefoot¡± runner. Without further ado, Acheter Nike Blazer Basse here are the 10 myths of barefoot running.¡±To read Dr. Campitelli¡¯s myths, head on over to Podiatry Today: http://www.podiatrytoday.com/tackling-10...arefoot-running

Thanks for the suggestions Pete ¡­ After reading throught his post and comments link to runblogger.com¡­ I¡¯m thinking I may have to go with even more heal lift & cushioning to stay on the safe side. A visit to a sports podiatrist is in order as well.A lifetime of running in cushioned full heal lift shoes may be making i Nike Flyknit comance t impossible for me to fully transition to something lower slung.

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