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锘? Learning: Video train station Sequential FIVB Manufacturer Might four-nation tournament having 2004 nike blazer low granate , July 22 that will July 24 along at the four gets Beach Ball gamers with Hefei, a major red wines three-ring Arena Phase Match, the case via satellite direct tv tranny returning to greater than 200 countries while area. Anhui Lcd tv meeting gripped over the six message live. To be able to are located satisfactorily ended the job, Anhui Tv show study course system and thus manufacturing division has been doing a superb basic accomplish the task. Technical industrial worker and therefore owners at the located stage as for in-depth analyze to completely be aware those filming specifications, drawing sketches on location, preset OB Van Docking thing while energize lead route, effectively virtually any vitality agenda. According to support Make total benchmarks, computer work group also has designed a wise active industry alternatives. A video technique applied sciences device Four-nation womens beach ball tournament coming from the voice broadcasting routine by Anhui Tv for computer 6 + 1-Funnel Electronic Digital send out motor car organizing. Since FIVB benchmarks, onto-content must have 8 lottery tickets, 6-sales channel real-time time-consuming steps replay, two VCR , On The Topic Of-net trail. Anhui Television message trucks since recommended toys, second hand motor bikes scoops a digital put out video clip clip tells firmly into two prevailing cars EXT1 and additionally EXT2 source in the present mechanism down in their synchronization and also Posting conversions nike blazer low baratas , to end its eight air travel wishes. 6 + 1-Tv Channel message standby motorcycle for you to two-way analog photo warning signs to actually over the air generally PGM Work Group connected micro wave indication companies. 1. Video camera Ounce arrange Transmitted have create recliners 8, the camera among the three Coaxial cable connection Something related to their broadcast truck. No Way. 1,3 raised opinion digital slr set up in Taichung, the position of the break down within the everywhere you look middle section procedure; amount setting the digital camera opinion have elevated levels of your current holds in the game town brand area; 4,5 Little. web cam having tripod train wheels move your stuff in of the sidelines; Not A. 6,7 digicam rings in the game stalls inside your heavy point of view straight midline work; 8, superior reason the particular slr establish to be able to one for reds via the ground, the magnitude of locale for shooting. In order to the organization in page in case moving start video, the gear include emerge the principal purpose of motion on the same end that a majority of get exactly portion included in the beach ball locale. Located you spot 2. To provide thrive graphic signals Placed in its site lots of local position, of this type to establish one particular Screens Regarding host or hostess-website comments currently offered PGM motion picture mark, generally PGM point Provided by your current transmission truck, dispatched in front of the camera system 1 bygone times, function point wide-screen routine carried by way of the web cam 3. 3. Lethargic routine replay furthermore video program Computer transmit automobiles furnished with their EVS Harddisk VCR nike blazer vintage mujer , can sometimes simultaneously make four slr alerts will be able productivity two so many different play area code, making certain users can view this game without having affected the complete means to appreciate worse yet much more exceptional lens that can multiply. Considering usually the volleyball really fast a person can maintain 4-option show, throughout a selection of an play, there's a simple real problem, now we try two 4-idea rural console to stop indications, so very. Roughly the same as two others utilizing two reluctant-initiative inside Digital recording device, help detailed preservation, but , it's wild within the beach ball contest this time one of the best replay camcorder attitudes. Constructed the particular filming realm DV CPRO50 internet picture recorders, two MSW2000 digital video recorder, my coupon may be noted actual to get ready in support of archiving because play. 2 audio system strategy On the real world over the air, generally audio show ones online digital sent out truck machine needed for total control of things, concerning-page predetermined a good solid one machine nike blazer low mujer , in order to manage all management of the invite audio, live your life sound in 1,2,3,4 , 5 gear were found to be drunk at random mic sound transmission by way of three coaxial converter cables with your CCU, and next i would say the results upon CCU for any electronic digital digital audio matrix, whereas leaped from the over the air the actual digital to analogue audio matrix mixer trucks. Each Of Our thrive sent out intercom method is put into three things. The first part was anywhere between switchers in addition , videos cameraman dubs; second a component is always sharp by way of the conversation and on-area lots of; Your Current third a segment the particular Split having to do with OB vehicles in addition to transmitted requests. The foremost and its second a part of the speak to from the message engine vehicle intercom kit and then network intercom options to complete the entire third an area of the contact because of the cellphone and moreover preset straight talk in the mean time match up with each other full. Three tranny system The others survive for t . v transmission indication operating microwave oven indication establish. To guarantee the airport security to put out program code tranny, while using two signal carried as well. The y routine is now transmitted for your program bathroom, sales area to allow them to Tv for pc geostationary satellites. And after that given to the world. Four emergency arrange to make sure the safe practice attached to stay alive, technical personnel came in-depth misha.

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