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3. Every runner in the highly pronated group who wore a Nike Free cheap sale motion control shoe reported an injury. In other words, all runners (yes, 100%) who were supposed to be wearing a motion control shoe based on their degree of pronation got injured. It¡¯s a small sample, but this is simply astonishing. In fact, highly pronated runners actually fared better in neutral shoes!

Second, this study showed that neutral runners did better in stability shoes, and pronated runners did better in neutral shoes. Try to make sense of that one¡­

I¡¯ve understood that there¡¯s a follow-up study going on (by the same Dr. Ryan), where three neutral shoes with different cushioning and stability are compared: the Nike Pegasus, Nike Free 3.0, Nike Air Max 2015 Mens sale and VFF Bikila. 100 runners have been randomly assigned to the shoes and are training 16 weeks for a 10K event. Here¡¯s more info:

I¡¯m female & neutral/slight pronator/whatever/but no flat feet. and I got close to getting injuried in motion control shoes (don¡¯t ask why I bought motion control shoes). stabiliy shoes didn¡¯t cause such issues

Well well well. I think that it is time for me to get rid of those heavy stability shoes! This is good news for me, I always disliked being forced to buy a select type of shoe and was very suspicious about taking advice from salespeople. Freedom!

Minimalist shoes are becoming more popular, and the Vibrams are among the favorites. Since the local commander can determine whether or not the five-finger shoes are allowed, their wear is not widespread. I am putting together an exercise sheet with recommendations for our soldiers, i Nike Air Max 2015 Womens uk sale n celebration of National Physical Therapy Month, as the transition to minimalist shoes requires a different demand on the body than tradional shoes. I have found that the new line of minimalist shoes without toes (toe shoes are not allowed on the Physical Fitness test) are growing in popularity, as word spreads about the reduction in shin, knee, ankle, and foot pain. If anyone finds any other studies out there that support the wearing of minimalist shoes, I would love to see it. If I find others who ar Nike Air Max 90 Mens cheap sale e DOING the studies, I will post as well. Thanks again!

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