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Winston Churchill nike air max 90 sale uk , my Aunt Milda, and You. In a recent study of people's ten greatest fears, public speaking ranked first, ahead of financial ruin and even death. But remember what one great speaker said about the only thing to fear being fear itself? It's true. Whether you're saying a few words at a dinner party or giving a speech at the United Nations, the same rules apply. While our Speaking Tips are not all obvious, they're all very simple. Taken together, they can help nearly anyone give a great speech. WHO'S OUT THERE? The single most important factor in giving a speech, no matter what the occasion, is this: Know your audience! If you don't know whom you're speaking to nike air max 90 hyperfuse uk , then you run the risk of saying something inappropriate. So tailor your material accordingly. Your audience will determine what you say, how you say it, and the tone that you use when speaking. Don't doubt us on this one. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Don't expect that just because you have the words in front of you that you'll automatically say them in convincing fashion. Only if you are seasoned at this sort of speaking does it come naturally, and even then most people are very familiar with the material they're talking about. If you take the time to become comfortable with the words you're going to say, your speech will improve dramatically. So don't just practice by reading your speech to yourself. Read it aloud. Read in a way that's going to reflect how you're going to have to say it to the audience. Consider taking these few steps in working on delivery: Read the speech aloud to yourself at the same pace you'll read it to the audience. Identify any lines that don't sound correct and rewrite them. You may want to time yourself to get an idea if you're speaking for too long. Next, deliver the speech standing in front of a mirror, trying to address yourself as you go. Say the speech all the way through without having to back-track or pause and correct yourself. The sooner you simulate the real experience nike roshe run uk cheap , the easier the time will be when you have to deliver the real thing. DELIVERING THE GOODS Quite simply, you know a good speaker when you see one. They're comfortable, confident and completely at ease with the words they're saying. Even more, they keep the audience interested throughout the entire speech, even if the material isn't that compelling. On the other hand, you know a weak speaker when you see one. They tend to speak without any inflection or emotion. Worse, they may mumble or read the speech from the page in its entirety without ever looking up from the lectern. This is almost as painful for the audience as it apparently is for the speaker. This is where delivery makes a big difference in the success of your speech.One of the main concerns is how much material you should memorize for your speech. Let's make this clear off the top - don't stress yourself out with trying to memorize a speech completely. That's unreasonable. Some people like to have the speech in front of them in its entirety while others prefer to work from cue cards containing the essential points of their speech. If you can speak off-the-cuff, congratulations. That's an impressive talent, but few people have the ability. POISE It's important from the moment you walk up to the lectern that you exude confidence. If anything nike roshe run uk sale , in preparing to deliver a speech, don't rush. In fact, this is the point that you must remember a fundamental of good speaking: BREATHE! Make sure you're comfortable at the lectern and that the microphone is at an appropriate height before you even begin starting (don't tap it! - if it's not working, somebody will sort it out). And before you do start, look at the audience and establish eye contact. Keeping breathing and then begin. NERVES It's really the most disturbing part of giving a speech, isn't it? The sweating, the trembling voice, the dry throat and pounding heart. The simple fact of the matter is, most people who give speeches get nervous. It's natural - really! But how you control your nerves is the sign of a good speaker. Furthermore nike roshe run hyperfuse red , the fact that you've been asked to say a few words probably means that you are the best person to do the job. Don't take that as putting more stress on you. Enjoy

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