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 Pete, Adidas ZX 700 Homme France what is the reason/potential biomechanical advantage of longitudinal stiffness in race shoes. If there is an advantage can anyone¡¯s race pace take advantage of it or is fast paces that get most pop out of the stiffness.

Over the past 2+ years I¡¯ve probably run in 50 or more different shoes, but until recently none of them were made by Adidas. I was recently asked if there was a particular reason why I was avoiding the brand, and the honest answer was that there was no reason, I¡¯d just never had the opportunity to try them. I don¡¯t know if it¡¯s that Adidas running shoes seem to be more popular overseas than they are here in the US, but Adidas has never been a brand that I tend to think of when it comes to running shoes.

If you¡¯ve run in any shoes in the adidas adizero line you probably have a good idea of how the XT 5 fits. It has a single layer mesh upper with the three stripes logo doubling as midfoot overlays. Of note as well is that the XT 5 is on the same last a Adidas ZX 750 Homme Vente s the adios road racing shoe and fits quite similar, although I would say just a hair narrower throughout the shoe. I think the biggest reason for this is that it has an extended toe bumper that doubles as a rand (a good idea for a trail shoe and it sharpens the edging when side-hilling). It is very much a racing shoe fit and if you haven¡¯t had good luck with an adios, Boston, Hagio or Takumi Sen then you probably won¡¯t like the fit of the XT 5.

I haven¡¯t put enough miles on these to address durability claims, but I can speak to the temperature effect. I live in New Hampshire, and this time of year it¡¯s pretty darned cold. Below freezing most days, and the low is projected to be right around O degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow night. Cold. A lot of shoes with EVA soles start feeling like bricks when you run in cold weather like this. They lose their cush. I can attest that the Boost remains bouncy when running in cold temps, but again you¡¯ll only really notice it in the heel. To me, this might be the most revolutionary attribute of the Boost compound.

I would find it that it¡¯d be much more productive for Adidas to make a shoe that utilizes the Boost midsole but has a lower heel-toe drop (0-4mm offset for example) so that the Boost midsole cushion could be felt not only in the heel but in the midfoot & forefoot as well. This well suit not only heel strikers but will 1. propose better foot strike while utilizing a great cushioning system, and 2. will open up the door to a wider range of runners.

As I¡¯ve mentioned a fe w times, the most comparable shoe on the market to the Hagio is the Mizuno Universe. The latter is lighter, slightly more flexible, and rides a bit closer to the ground. However, the Universe is priced $30 higher than the Hagio (MSRP = $90 for the Hagio), and the Hagio has a bit more outsole so durability might be a tad better. Both are excellent shoes, so a decision between them comes down mainly to personal preference. In any event, my first experience with an adidas shoe was overwhelmingly positive, an Adidas ZX 850 Homme Pas Cher d I can give the Hagio a big stamp of approval.

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