whose materials were satin in summer and autumn

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In the Han Dynasty (206BC-23AD), the toe cap of cloth shoe was usually biforked Islanders Mike Bossy Jersey , and the tread was made with linen thread. Such a shoe was called "Shuangjian Qiaotou Fanglü (square shoe with double tips and a rising head). In the Wei and Jin Dynasties (220-316), the front tip of a shoe was usually decorated with a double-beast pattern. The color matching was harmonious, and the whole shoe looked very graceful. In the Northern Song Dynasty (550-577), Ji was popular among all people, from the emperor to common people. The so-called Ji was a shoe with wooden teeth and consisted of three parts: Bian (the shoe body), Xi (the lace) and Chi (the teeth). In the Song Dynasty (960-1297), most men wore leather shoes with a small toe Islanders Denis Potvin Jersey , and women usually wore shoes with a round toe, flat toe or rising toe, sometimes decorated with various patterns such as flower or bird. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), men's shoes usually stressed thickness and strength, and the materials and fashions were varied. In general, in the north people wore lozenge-patterned good-looking shoes, and in the south people wore palm fiber shoes. Besides Islanders Bryan Trottier Jersey , in the period from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) to the Ming Dynasty, a kind of female cloth shoes was popular, which was characterized by a high rising toe and a flat and thick tread. It made its wearers especially slim. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), men's shoes were mostly pointed-toe ones, whose materials were satin in summer and autumn, and lint in winter. The tread might be thick or thin, the instep might be single-ridged or double-ridged Islanders Billy Smith Jersey , and the upper might have embroidery, or there was a pattern of cirrus clouds at the toe. Women's shoes in the Qing Dynasty were very special: the tread was usually wooden and in the shape of a horse's roof, as high as one to five inches , so it was called "Matidi" (horse hoof shaped tread). The instep was usually made of silk, with colored embroidery on it. Those worn by noble women also had some jewelry inlaid on the vamp. Old women usually wore wooden flat-soled shoes. History of Shoes in China xi In the Neolithic age(from about 10,000 years ago to about 4,000 year ago) Matt Martin Jersey , ancestors of China used grass, hemp, or kudzu vine to make shoes. There were many ways to name shoe, such as Jü, Lü, Xi and so on. Xi is the most valuable. Ancient shoes were classified into three types in terms of material, i.e. grass Clark Gillies Jersey , cloth and leather. Cloth shoes refer to shoes made with hemp fiber, damask silk, brocad.

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