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 There are a Nike Air Shox Mens cheap sale few things that are contributing to Lauren¡¯s pain and form problem. It would be better to have her entire body in the frame to see the entire picture but you can get alot of info from just the lower view. The obvious problem is the supination in the left foot. it is definately more pronounced when she is wearing shoes. When she is running in socks the problem is much less noticeable but still present. This indicates that there is a structual problem.

Thanks for the suggestion Diana, I¡¯m certainly going to try my orthotics in my more minimal shoes (merrell/free/kinvara), and my podiatrist was supportive of this, though also could not understand why I had started out with shinsplints wearing traditional cushioned shoes¡­ I never heard of anyone wearing an orthotic in a VFF ¨C perhaps someone will come on and tell us how they tape one to their bare feet ??

This is a simple point that many PTs should consider with athletes Nike Blazer High Womens cheap sale and non athletes. If we are trying to increase muscle firing and pure strength you have to train with intensity. We may only need a few sets after a good warm-up. I see so many PTs using ther ex that is not of an intensity to produce a training effect. Even if you are treating an 80 y.o. non-athlete, the training must be of sufficient intensity to make some positive benefits. I would contend that the exercise intensity is often much more important than the exercise selected. There are so many factors that go into treating a patient, that is why we can all have success with different approaches. NIce blog here, the videos are very helpful.

Mark, I don¡¯t wear a full orthotic in the VFF¡¯s (that would likely defeat the whole purpose of this type of minimalist shoe), it¡¯s just small a heel lift that is a quarter of the length of the shoe. I don¡¯t even notice it. And, it¡¯s only in the shoe of the effected leg.

ok, not all fancy here and this might have been said already but it looks like her legs are too close together. I have a problem with my knees touching when my legs are tired and so I make a point to focus on not having them touch by trying to keep my feet inline with my hips when I run. It seems to make a difference with me, but I¡¯ve only been running since October. It hurts t Nike Blazer Mens sale o watch her run in shoes. I can almost feel the pain. It is too bad she can¡¯t because of those cushy shoes. Free your feet.

I am not sure what others noted on the vids, but two things I picked up were 1. Lauren¡¯s right kick is substantially higher than the left. This could have a few imlications whether it be strength/flexibility etc. 2. Lauren appears to land a bit heavier on the left, and with this she also appears to roll into a bit mor Nike Blazer womens sale e pronation and has a mild drop of her pelvis.

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