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 I think perhaps the biggest Nike Air Max 2015 Women's Cheap sale take home message here is that stride rate can and does vary considerably with speed, and also between individuals. The 180 number gets thrown around a lot, but I see no reason why this number need be the gold standard that everyone should shoot for. For me, it¡¯s actually a bit lower than my ¡°easy pace¡± cadence, and for Alex it¡¯s quite a bit higher. I prefer the 5-10% rule myself ¨C if you are an overstrider, consider upping your cadence by 5% from your easy pace baseline, and realize that that number will change with speed. If you need a bit more, consider 10%. But, like so many aspects of running form, we have little concrete and direct data that changing cadence will prevent injuries. Indirect evidence on joint loading reduction are tantalizing, and anecdotal evidence abounds, but realize that much work remains to be done before any firm conclusions on cost vs. benefit of cadence change can be made.

And you can qualify elastic recoil by ¡®Feel¡¯. You don¡¯t need a study for everything to understand it. You ca Nike Blazer Mens UK sale n feel it change at different paces, different stride lengths, different stride frequency, different footwear. It would even feel different if you did some static stretching prior to your run (Which I don¡¯t advise!). Once you find that ¡®sweet spot¡¯ you notice that running feels effortless

Interesting Pete, do you have heart rate info to compare to cadence/stride length? Lee Saxby mentions that a cadence of 180 taps into the body¡¯s natural frequency of muscle oscillation (when running ¡®barefoot¡¯). I would use this as a starting point but as you¡¯ve found, cadence will vary with speed so it¡¯s up to the athlete to find their ¡®natural¡¯ cadence.

To avoid confusion before moving on, it¡¯s important to note that a step is technically defined as the period from landing of one foot to landing of the opposite foot, whereas a stride is the period from landing of one foot to the next landing of the same foot ¨C we typically report cadence in steps/min, but length is typically reported as stride length. Since speed is a function of cadence and stride length, then I had to have been taking longer strides as I increased my speed in order to cover the same 100m distance in fewer steps. Given that I know how many strides I took per 100m, I can put some numbers on this ¨C here¡¯s my stride length (in meters) compared to speed:

In competitive cycling it is common to use a watt meter in the crank to measure absolute work output, along with HR and cadence. It is simple to see this principle in action by riding the same patch of road, at the same watt output a t 50 rpm, and then again at 90 rpm.

But as journalist, physicist, and former elite runner Alex Hutchinson notes, the 180-strides-per-minute benchmark isn¡¯t all it¡¯s cracked up to be. There are serious problems with Daniels¡¯s observations (among them, a small sample size and no analysis of stride length plotted against speed), and other research has contradicted some of its conclusions. More likely, Hutchinson writes, runners play with both stride length and stride frequency when they run, and 180 makes sense at some speeds and not at others Nike Free 5.0 Bird Nest Women's . Blogger and Nike coach Steve Magness has made similar observations.

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