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 It¡¯s possible that the Asics just aren¡¯t a good match for you. Maybe a few easy runs and see if any problems arise? But don¡¯t rotate a shoe that gives consistent problems. I have a few shoes that I can tell in a few runs are not going to work for me, and they are ditched from the rotation.

So my question is: should I slowly rotate back the Cumulus in my training, to slowly strengthen the muscles/ligaments/tissues that the Waverider apparently had spared (and not to throw out of the window the 120€ the Asics had cost), or just write off the sunken costs and stick to the shoe that works? I¡¯ve recently bought a pair of NB 980 Fresh Foam half price (in Hong Kong), and use them once a week on short easy runs, to get accustomed to Nike Free 5.0 Women's cheap sale a lower drop, and so far the experience has been good.

I agree. The impact back on her calf muscles is noticeably less when unshod versus shod. Also, it seems as though her stride length is shorter unshod by looking at how high her feet kick up in the rear.

With shoes, I see a marked asymmetry. She lands on her heel with her right foot but midfoot or even slightly forefoot on her left. At any rate, her left foot seems to be moving ¡°backwards¡± at time of impact. This may be an artifact of only seeing the right side view (but I don¡¯t think so, because the rear view reinforces my impression). In socks, there is much less asymmetry in right/left footplant. Has she tried zero-drop (or minimal-drop) shoes?

Compared to other shoes from the Skechers Performance Division, the Strada has a fairly substantial upper. Structure in the midfoot is provided by stitched overlays, and the heel contains a semi-firm counter and is lined on the exterior by an almost rubber-like overlay. Internally there is quite a bit of padding lining the ankle collar, and the tongue is likewise well-padded. Nike Free 5.0 V3 Men's uk sale I was told by Skechers that Meb really likes an upper that securely locks down his foot, and that the upper of the Strada was designed to meet this need.

Hey Pete, what about those if us who almost exclusively run in barefoot style shoes? These types of shoes are basically designed to protect the bottoms of our feet and offer little to no support. Since there¡¯s not really any foam cushioning to pad our foot strike or alter our gait does shoe rotating really matter to us Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women's cheap sale ? I would think not, curious to hear your response though!

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