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 Nike Air Max 2015 cheap sale Nice review, Pete! In terms of (let¡¯s call it) dynamic offset, how do these compare with the Lunarglide? (I realize the Lunarglide is technically a support shoe, and this is neutral, but I¡¯ve found the dynamic ride or whatever support tech is in the LG to be relatively subtle.)

In longer, hillier, technical trail races, I like a shoe with more cushioning. I can run down steep descents much faster in a cushioned shoe. Also, as I get more ragged at the end of a race, I get sloppier about placing my feet precisely. So, for example, in the Pocatello 50 last weekend, I chose to run in Montrail Rogue Racers.

First off, let me say that I *AM* a fan of minimalist running shoes. I do Nike Air Max 90 uk sale most of my training runs in New Balance MT101¡¯s, Merrell Trail Gloves, or Brooks Green Silence.

I¡¯d love to seem them expand on the Wave Universe concept with similar designs, and if they could lower the heel on the Ronin by about half, it would be a solid competitor to shoes like the Saucony Kinvara. As for the Prophecy ¨C it¡¯s not the shoe for me.

I think you and I share the belief that people are variable and have variable needs, and that varying training, surfaces, etc. is probably as important if not more important than what they put on their feet (which probably should be varied as well). I¡¯d still pretty much have the same position I outlined in my book, which was written late 2010 through 2011 ¨C no point in dogmatic approaches, variation is good, find what works for you.

On a slightly unrelated note: you¡¯re a science man, Pete, as am I, and I¡¯ve been thinking more and more on the velocity of running as a means to alter for Nike Air Max 90 uk sale m and biomechanics. Do you have any thoughts on this? Because, for example, I feel many of us would agree we heel strike when we walk. Could heel striking maybe more prevalent in videos like this where the subject is traveling at such a slow ¡°shuffle¡± speed, they¡¯re merely accelerating the walking motion and not actually running? I certainly feel that¡¯s sometimes the case when I pass people out ¡°jogging¡± on the streets. N.B. Not that I¡¯m defending heel striking: you know me to be Nike Air Max 2015 cheap sale a strong proponent of running in as little shoe as possible!

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