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 In addition to VO2max, Nike Air Jordan Femme pas cher my data spreadsheet contained a lot of additional information, including heart rate (looks like my max HR was 178bpm), and respiratory exchange ratio (RER). The latter is the ratio of carbon dioxide exhaled to oxygen inhaled and is an indicator the type of fuel the body is burning during exercise. Lower values (< 1) indicate greater fat burning, whereas values above 1 indicate greater use of carbs as fuel.

I had the same blistering problem you described with the Lunarglide 4. Except for this problem I really like the shoe but will not use them on runs over 3 miles. For longer runs I will stick with my Pegasus¡¯.

So that¡¯s where I decided it was time to bring in the big guns. To do that, I went to Vertical Runner, a Nike Air Max 95 Homme pas cher renowned running store in Hudson, Ohio (a suburb of Akron or Cleveland, depending on who you believe) whose employees always make a strong showing at local races. I wisely brought my Nike¡¯s with me so they could see the wear patterns. I was lucky enough (I hope?) to work with Vince Rucci, the owner. His immediate impression on looking at my wear patterns and the way I stood was ¡°this is too much shoe for you ¨C you are extremely neutral.¡±

I have my doubts regarding the applicability of the results ¨C I aborted at 178bpm, whereas I regularly see 195bpm in hard sessions ¨C because I wasn¡¯t limited by lactate, exhaustion or even breathing.

I am also curious why the VO2Max peaks at HR of 171 and then tails off as your HR goes higher, is this normal for this type of test? Does this suggest your breathing/muscle activation had maxed out but your HR still had some reserve left to go?

In terms of the ride, I find the Free 5.0 to be semi-firm with not amrunsfr.top a lot of rebound. It¡¯s a smooth shoe due to the extreme flexibility of the sole, but it is not the most responsive shoe on the market. It¡¯s not a shoe you would choose for your next 5K, and probably not the best choice for a marathon unless you have done extensive training in them. I prefer them for runs from about 3-10 miles. My max in the 5.0 2015 is a bit over eight miles in one run, and short of a few hot spots on the inside of m Nike air max 90 pas cher y heels (not sure what caused this) they worked just fine.

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